12 Creative Ways to Say “I’m Sorry”

ways to say sorry

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You can never say sorry too much, but you ought to change up your style every once in a while. (Especially, if you’re a very sorry person.) Here are twelve original ways to spice up your apologies:

1. Metaphoric Rain Clouds

– representing your tears, of course.

via 4/Four Cards

2. On a Doorway

– with an ‘I love you’ added for good measure.

via The Bottom Line

3. A Letter Straight from ‘the Doghouse‘

–  undoubtedly attached to a piece of jewelry.

via Lulov Press

4. CTRL + Z…

via Teconlene

5. And Other Geeky References.

[Puns included.]

via Apfelstrudel

6. Scrabble tiles

– unless you’ve just won at scrabble.

via Silver Horse Photography

7. Big Clumsy Animals

– to illustrate your imbecility.

via Eleventy

8. A Charming Mixture of Thank You’s and Apologies

– just keep going until they say, ‘Okay! Okay! Stop it! I forgive you!’

via Vixen’s Empire

9. Written Freshly on a Heavy Rock with your Dark, Iron-Rich Blood . . .

. . . red paint would also work.

via Two Farm Chicks

10. With a Tad Bit of Pure Unintentional Self-Righteousness

– just a tad.

via Tyro Press

11. Like a Bro.

via Sinan Saydik

12. With the Simplicity of Lined Paper, Clothespins and a Black Sharpie

– nothing says it better.

via The Button Dudes