12 Funny and Clever Ways To Say “I Miss You”

12 Funny and Clever Ways To Say “I Miss You”

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The phrase “I miss you” seems too weak for some situations. It doesn’t capture that feeling of chaos and minor catastrophe caused by the absence of a true love or however you call them. To give the phrase more depth, sometimes you need to add props or a few extra words. For example:

12 Funny and Clever Ways to Say “I Miss You”

1. Morse Code

To adroitly communicate your anxiety, anguish and general gloom.

via R&S

I Miss You

2. Dinnerware

Particularly if you’re an ‘eat-for-comfort’ kind of person.

via Paloma’s Nest

I Miss You

3. Personalized Playlists

Hey, it worked for Nick and Norah.

via cool♥jane

I Miss You

4. Personalized Artwork

If your dj skills were only so-so.

via Jolby

I Miss You

5. Talking Monsters

If your artwork wasn’t as magnificent as you had planned.

via Whale and Bee

I Miss You

6. Calculations of Distance

Forget the arts; math can be romantic too.

via Wendu Ink

I Miss You

7. Pictures of you Crossing that Distance

Or the ‘metaphor of you’ (in this case, a rabbit on a bicycle).

via Marmar

I Miss You

8. Positive Thinking

via Rar Rar Press

I Miss You

9. A Footnote

To clarify what you really mean by ‘I miss you’.

via Gramkin Paper Studio

I Miss You

10. Specific Details

What exactly do you miss?

via Near Modern Disaster

I Miss You

11. Confessions of Fear

Nothing says ‘I miss you’ like having dreams of death and destruction, the products of an exaggerated imagination that is sleeping alone.

via Yellow Heart Art

I Miss You

12. Just to Clarify: Those were Bad Dreams.

via The Butte Museum

I Miss You

Okay, I know there’s more clever and funny ways than this to say “I miss you” than this. If you know any more ways, drop them in the comments below!

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