14 True Shots of Amsterdam

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If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam and you tell someone—especially a non-European—about your Amsterdam plan, he/she will probably make at least one remark:

  • a.) about Dutch tolerance
  • b.) about “having fun,” with raised eyebrows
  • c.) about “staying safe,” with crinkled eyebrows
  • or d.) with unusual interest in your plans and personal character.

Amsterdammers deserve more respect than that. Thus: 14 simple non-illicit ways to remember Amsterdam, just so you know.

The Best True Shots of Amsterdam

1. Bicycles, with an emphasis on bicycles.

Family Cycle Train by Amsterdamize

2. Canals, canals, canals, and boats.

Converging by Kevin Dooley

3. Flowers, as prim and as organized as possible.

Cyclery by Francesco Dore

4. Trams with the accompanying ‘ding ding’.

into the distance by Oliver Wagemann

5. Narrow obstacle-covered sidewalks. (The aforementioned bicycles make them narrower.)

Amstedam by Bert K

6. Rain.

undermy by Inessa Akhmedova

7. Windows.

Diana does Amsterdam canal architecture by Kevin Dooley

8. Book and flower markets.

photo mateo messina:up the spout by Lali Masriera

9. Yellow trains. (Actually, they’re everywhere in the Netherlands; but for the sake of the theme . . .)

moving fast by Bas Lammers

10. The stickers on mailboxes that say JA or NEE (yes or no) to advertisements.

Flickr meet NDSM 11-04-09 by Marja van Bochove

11. Geese and ducks given the amount of water.

Please feed me! (Amsterdam) by David Evers

12. Bridges, again, given the amount of water.

My kind of town by Kevin Dooley

13. Art Museums and probably any other genre of museum you could desire.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam by jan.tito

14. The looong row houses and their inconspicuous endings.

Amsterdam bike by Moyan Brenn

In summary: there are many reasons to live in Amsterdam. Let us refrain from moving our eyebrows.

Have you been to Amsterdam? Or would you like to visit? Share with us in the comments below!

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