14 True Shots of New York

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New York isn’t so much a city. It’s more of an idea, an abstract dream of affluence and success. Obviously, the real city is more complex than its image. If you visit, you might notice:

1. Bad Weather.

Bet they never told you about that one.

new york city rain clouds apocalypse
Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Bokeh Wednesday, but it

2. Flashy Shoes.

woman bicycle red shoes and cell phone
Grand Street: Texting by Mo Riza

3. The Brutal Tyranny of Yellow Taxis.

The New York Times building yellow taxis
times headquarters by Alex

4. The Incredible Alphabetical Metro

Sesame Street’s hidden source of inspiration. “This trip was brought to you by the letter G!”

woman reading New York subway
On the platform, reading by Mo Riza

5. The Beauty and Chaos of Times Square.

Macy's Times square New York
Macy’s by Vincent

6. Traffic at Midday.

Midtown New York traffic under Gimbels Bridge
Midtown New York traffic under the Gimbels Bridge by joiseyshowaa

7. The Secret Life of Skyscraper Pigeons.

pigeon Empire State Building new york
Empire State Pigeon by ZeroOne

8. The Respectable NYPD Horses.

police on horseback in New York Times square
Mounted in Times Square by Stewart Butterfield

9. Models. They’re Unmistakable.

model with umbrella and New York taxi
The Model by Thomas Leuthard

10. Central Park.

Yet another example of Frederick Law Olmsted‘s brilliance.

sunset central park New York rowing pond bridge
sunset at the rowing pond by joiseyshowaa

11. Hipsters.

New York hipsters on park bench
image by David Urbanke

12. Aspiring Artists, Writers, musicians, and Other Dreamers.

man in black platform shoes new york city
image by David Urbanke

13. Sunsets on the Harbor.

city bird silhouette sunset new york
Stupid bird – flew right into my sunrise shot by joiseyshowaa

14. Knowing Your Pretty Cool

The feeling that even if you’re not successful, even if you’re poor, you’re still cool because you’re living in New York.

man jumping with umbrella in the rain New York
Jumpin’ in the Rain by Tony

What’s your favorite thing about New York? Share with us in the comments below!

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