15 Creative Tissue Box Covers

creative tissue box ideas

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Tissue boxes are mass-produced, which means they aren’t usually creative or beautiful objects. That’s okay because tissue box holders are easy DIY projects.

Making a cover for a tissue box is also a great way to experiment with new design ideas. Their flat-sided, simple shape goes well with almost anything, from teapots to pink ponies. For inspiration, here are 15 unique tissue box covers crafted at home.

1. A Steaming Teapot

via Firefly Fantasy

Green Teapot Tissue Box Cover

2. Tissue-Spouting Whales

via Sparkly Pony

whale tissue box
tissue box whale

3. Recycled Wood (like Driftwood) and Seashells

via Green Life USA

wood tissue box

4. Vintage Box

via Villa Vintage Chic

vintage Tissue box

5. Embroidered Felt

via Nikkie’s Needlework

Felt Reindeer Tissue Box Cover
Felt Poppy Tissue Box Cover-

6. Pony With a Fluffy Tissue Tail

via Sparkly Pony

pony tissue box cover

7. Cargo-Style

via Sunny Beauty

Cotton and linen Korean cloth towel sets of tissue box

8. Pebbles

via Aimee’s Rock Works

Stone Tissue Box Cover

9. Moss-Covered

via Teresa Kessler

 Moss Tissue Box Cover

10. With a Bird on It

via Edward & Lilly

 Tissue Holder hand embroidered burgundy bird

11. House with Chimney Smoke

via The Fancy

house tissue box

12. Tissue Box Monsters!

DIY via Giggles Galore

DIY monster tissue box

13. A Little Chalkboard Label

DIY via Shush In Your Home

DIY tissue box
Shush In Your Home

14. Tissue-Spouting Elephant

via Sparkly Pony

Elephant Tissue Holder

15. Cute Cardboard Bunny

DIY via Pink Stripey Socks

Cardboard Bunny Tissue Box Holder
Cardboard Bunny Tissue Box Holder

Have you been inspired to DIY your own tissue box? Let me know in the comments below!

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