15 Digital Marketing Trends Predicted to Change

15 Digital Marketing Trends Predicted to Change in 2018

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Forbes recently asked 15 prominent digital marketing experts their opinions on how digital marketing trends will change in 2018. The full article can be found here.

We have summarized the article to make it a little bit easier for you to process. Here’s the gist of what was said in the article:

  • Chris Carter, from Rep Interactive, thinks augmented reality is going to become more integrated through social media. I’m sure you’ll remember the Pokemon Go craze from 2016–Chris thinks it was a sign of things to come.
  • Craig Greiwe, from Rogers and Cowan, predicts a collapse of the hugely popular influencer market. You only need to have a look at how much “Instagram celebrities” are being paid for mentioning a brand to see how popular this marketing method is. Chris thinks it’s going to change in 2018.
  • Katie Harris, from Spot on Solutions, thinks that brands will use available data to start to better understand the customer journey.
  • David Kley, from Web Design and Company, says that ads will become more targeted with a more specific purpose. I think we have already seen ads become more targeted over the years, but David predicts that this will be on a new level this year.
  • Thomas Broadbeck, from Site Strategics, predicts more success for live video in 2018. He also thinks that live videos will become more professional as opposed to being taken from a phone. Video production companies must be licking their lips to Thomas’ prediction.
  • Andrew Howeltt, from Rain, predicts that conversational user interfaces will become an even bigger part of people’s lives in 2018.
  • Solomon Thimothy, from OneIMS, thinks that video will become an even bigger aspect of marketing in 2018. It appears that our attention spans are decreasing year-over-year, so it’s not too far fetched to believe video will start to become more prominent and written marketing will decrease.
  • Twila Grisom, from Acorn Digital Strategy, predicts that personalization will be present along all stage of the sales funnel. No more spam emails if she’s right!
  • Julien Verdier, from Adyoulike (great name), predicts that audience targeting strategies will be replaced by contextual targeting strategies as it becomes more difficult to track behaviours with cookies.
  • Todd Earwood, from Moneypath Marketing, thinks that cost per experiment will become a leading metric when testing ROI.
  • Timothy Nichols, from ExactDrive Inc., believes that companies are going to start implementing native advertising into their digital marketing strategy. He explains how the practice will increase the possibility of viral sharing and brand reach.
  • Lisa Allocca, from Red Javelin Communications, believes that digital will become integrated with offline experiences. She explains that this has already started happening in sports and arena events and she thinks this will continue into other industries in 2018.
  • Brett Farmiloe, from Markitors, thinks that voice marketing will rise in 2018. Google says that 20% of its searches are by voice so expect this to increase.
  • Douglas Karr, from DK New Media, thinks businesses will be able to better predict its marketing spend, allowing them to optimise their marketing budget.
  • Kristopher Jones, from LSEO.com, predicts that content marketing is going to change according to the establishment of voice search. Things like written tutorials may be replaced by spoken words.

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