16 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

16 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

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If you’re disappointed in your quirky version of a Christmas tree this year, don’t be. What is “classic” anyway?

Finding a “classic” Christmas tree is sometimes impossible. It seems as though the cheap ones sell out immediately and the only ones left cost a small fortune. So, if a traditional Christmas tree isn’t happening this year, here are some fun alternatives that are just as festive.

And, hey, if these don’t work out. You can always make a fun one out of Gingerbread.

Alternative Ideas for Christmas Trees

1. Tiny Christmas trees, cleverly disguised as table centerpieces.

Untitled by allie bishop pasquier

2. Tropical Christmas trees.

my Christmas tree by Carolina Ödman

3. Beach Christmas trees and/or Christmas trees that are clearly dead.

Christmas on the beach by squacco

4. Christmas trees with naive yet inspirational Christmas ornaments.

holiday project #4 : word cards by Ali Edwards

5. Christmas trees decorated with elementary school craft projects.

Pencil Crayon Tree by Sally Mahoney

6. Plastic Christmas trees.

Lobby Christmas by Bob Jagendorf

7. Manly Christmas trees (just add duct tape).

manly Christmas tree by Jo Naylor

8. Deciduous Christmas trees.

Christmas tree by Denise Rosser

9. [Insert your tree here.]

Christmas tree recycling dropoff 3 by Summer

Does your family put up a Christmas tree? Or do you do something else instead? Share with us in the comments below!