16 Experts to Follow if Your Company Uses Hubspot


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Hubspot is a powerful marketing automation tool embraced by companies of every size, shape, and vertical. When used effectively, Hubspot streamlines content creation, increases company audiences, converts a greater number of leads, fills the sales funnel, and nurtures leads to the close.

It’s a beast!

Marketing teams who have selected Hubspot know the key to success is understanding the robust tools offered on the platform. In addition to the training and ongoing education Hubspot offers, it’s vital to do some self-educating. Social media is a great place to start.

Do your company a big favor and commit to learning about the vast array of tools Hubspot provides by following these fifteen marketing automation and content marketing experts.

#1: Dee Dee de Kenessey is the Senior Inbound Marketing Professor at Hubspot. Experienced in data-driven marketing and organically increasing website traffic, she frequently takes to social media to share her knowledge of effective content marketing strategies for B2B and B2C businesses.

#2: Lindsay Thibeault is a Senior Inbound Professor at Hubspot and is a content creation expert.  She often shares her expertise in finding solutions to inbound marketing challenges via her social media profiles. Her goal is to change the focus of the way companies perform marketing.

#3: Ruth E. Hedges is one of the foremost experts on Crowdfunding, and is a nationally known authority on digital marketing. In addition to a myriad of interviews in various publications, she frequents social media to discuss the importance of marketing with her enormous audience.

#4: Mark Kilens is the Leader of Hubspot Academy, and his team educates new users on the many bells and whistles of the system. Not only is Mark an expert in marketing automation, he is also well-versed in inbound marketing and analytic analysis. He frequently posts and tweets about all things marketing related.

#5: Angela Hicks is an Inbound Professor at Hubspot, She teaches live courses to educate Hubspot users on how to utilize the system for more streamlined process and greater ROI. Her social media sharing about calls-to-action and landing page building is priceless.

#6: Dharmesh Shah is the CTO and co-founder of HubSpot, so he’s kind of a big deal. No list of people to follow would be complete without him. Dharmesh is a great person to follow even if you’re not a HubSpot user, as he shares information and ideas from a number of topics such as entrepreneurship and startups, business, marketing in general, and snippets of his grand adventures.

#7: Craig Wiltshire believes “better marketing generates better business.” His focus is helping companies refocus their energy from traditional outbound marketing to new, more efficient inbound strategies. As a Hubspot partner, his social media posts are a plethora of informative content about harnessing the power of inbound marketing to gain the highest return on investment.

#8: Isaac Moche. As a Senior Inbound Professor, Isaac’s main objective in the marketing automation realm is email and lead nurturing. He is instrumental in creating educational material to assist Hubspot users in the avenues of marketing. Isaac shares his helpful knowledge frequently on social media.

#9: Mathew Sweezey, the author of Marketing Automation for Dummies, is a professional author and speaker. He is a “guru” of the best marketing automation to put in place to streamline and prioritize marketing campaign initiatives. His social media posts are chock full of informative, easy to understand nuggets of information.

#10: Martin Bredl offers a great deal of insight on utilizing social media as a vehicle for inbound marketing initiatives. Through his posts, he helps his audience streamline their processes and build a more solid overall initiative. Be warned some of his posts are not in English, but the ones that are still make him well worth following.

#11: Brittany Leaning is Co-Author of Twitter for Dummies and Content Strategist at Hubspot. She understands social media marketing and it’s value in engaging and attracting both B2B and B2C clients. This in-depth comprehension makes her an influential force in the world of marketing automation, branding, and inbound content distribution.

#12: Michael Leander is an award-winning marketing speaker who is well versed on a range of marketing topics. From workshop training to specifically targeted business training, he educates audiences on the importance of building a powerful marketing automation plan.

#13: Anadelia Fadeev is the Demand Generation Manager at Inkling and former Head of Marketing at Visage Mobile. Her marketing automation experience offers a unique perspective in information sharing, and her social media posts are educational tidbits for even the most polished marketing professionals.

#14: Markiesha Ollison is skilled at analyzing and reporting on marketing automation best practices. She is currently working on the Hubspot Academy team as an Inbound Professor. Markiesha posts marketing tips and tricks that all marketing professionals will find helpful in their day-to-day processes.

#15: Mike Volpe is the active Chief Marketing Officer at Hubspot. He drives the company’s unique branding strategy by brilliantly employing many facets of inbound marketing. Under Mike’s guidance, Hubspot has grown from 5 to 500 employees, with 9000 clients. His tweets are viewed by over sixty five thousand followers.

#16: Gary Vaynerchuk is a wealth of knowledge in business, marketing, and startup processes. He has been named to 40 Under 40 Lists by both Forbes and Crain’s. Both a phenomenal speaker and avid social media participant, his posts are funny as well as informative.

The Hubspot platform is an integral tool for any serious marketer. By utilizing the many features of the system, marketing teams empower themselves to produce stronger content, distribute it on the proper channels, engage their audiences, and convert more leads.

By following these people on social media, smart marketers will stay engage with and educated on the top challenges of both HubSpot and marketing automation.

Much Success,

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