16 of the Best Places to Eat in Dallas

16 of the Best Places to Eat in Dallas

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Eating well in the early hours of the morning can be difficult sometimes. Restaurants in Dallas do shut down their kitchens before midnight, and getting a meal during the odd hours is depressing. Looking for a sustenance meal to eat in the early hours in the morning or late night is not an issue in Dallas. Dallas has a better option of the meal to eat during this odd hour ranging from pizza and tacos to Thai, Italian dishes, and Korean.


The following are the best 16 places to eat in Dallas. They have all types of meals you needed for both growth and nourishment. They include the following:

1. Jimmy’s Food Store

The Jimmy’s food store has a variety of meals for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Jimmy’s Food store has a pleasant and conducive atmosphere for eating. It has a Takeout, Outdoor seating, Seating, serves alcohol and Parking space. Jimmy’s Food Store offers Italian sausage, Sand-wishes, Pizza dough, Bread, & Prosciutto, Tuna. This store is good for Italian meals and has a variety of Sand-wishes.

2. Bistro B

Bistro B offers a great variety of meals ranging from Spring Rolls to stir fried beef flat noodles. They prepare a Combo Fried Rice, Pork Patty rolls, and Sesame Chicken. They offer apple and mango meat, shrimp salad, and green papaya beef jerky salad.

3. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Pappas Bros Steakhouse is best for dinner. They offer a full dinner bouquet that includes shrimp cocktail, fried oysters, smokes salmon Gillette, and Lobster deviled eggs.

4. Cafe Brazil

Cafe Brazil is a beautiful restaurant that operates 24-hours from Friday to Saturday. It has a rich variety of meal that ranges from Sand-wishes and Salads to beverages, Chicken Quesadilla & Chips and Salsa and Queso. They have different varieties of Appetizers.

5. Meso Maya

Meso Maya restaurant meals are rich in nutrients. They offer a meal for Lunch, Dinner, Brunch and After-hours. It is bar friendly and has excellent Avocado margaritas, with good food and Drinks. It is known for Mexican, Southwestern, Latin, and vegetarian Food.

6. Crushcraft Thai Street Eats

The Crushcraft Thai is a beautiful restaurant that operates till 3:00 am only on Saturdays. It has a variety of great menus of the meal. They offer Chicken, Jasmine Rice, and Cucumber Relish, Thai fried rice, OG Phat Thai, and Others.

7. Pecan Lodge

The Pecan Lodge has a nice delicacy with dishes to share with families. They have an excellent atmosphere. They offer BBQ, Beef ribs, Mac and cheese, Fried Okra, Smoke flavor and others.

8. Gemma

Gemma is a rare gem Eatery. It opens for Dinner, Desserts, and late Night. It has great Oysters collections and grass-fed beef Tartare. Gemma has a great appetizer, salad, and Vegetables to share with its customers.

9. Houston’s Restaurant

Houston’s Restaurant has rich cuisine for American and Gluten free options. The meals are usually for lunch, Dinner, and After-hours. It is good for romantic purposes, Business meetings, and others. They offer French dip, Grilled artichoke, Cole slaw, Cheese toasties and others.

10. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

The Greenville Avenue Pizza Company is known for its loyal Style Pies and calzones. They offer Italian recipes, Cheesecake for Deserts, BBQ chicken sauce, Mexican Pizza and others.

11. Twisted Root Burger Co.

This place has the best burger, with great and excellent staffs. The Twisted Root Burger is known for its rich, exotic meals, game meat, custard, and bear. The atmosphere is conducive for relaxation and a full bar support.

12. Nova

Nova is a neighborhood spot that serves food till late midnight. They offer roasted garlic hummus, Smoked salmon potato skins, Seared duck breast and others. It is for Dinner and Brunch. Although they have better cocktails and beers for relaxation. Brunch is Saturday and Sundays only.

13. Buzzbrews

Buzzbrews kitchen is a funky and electrified round eatery specialized in a 24-hours eatery. It includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer omelets, grilled meats, all kinds of drinks and coffee. Their food is prepared in different price range and is best for cozy travelers.

14. Texas Spice

Texas Spice is an awesome place to be. They have a meal for Brunch, Lunch, Breakfast, and After-hours. It has Cuisine for American, Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian, and Southwestern Dishes. Texas Spice has a casually elegant dining style and serves meal three times a day. Texas Spice offers special dishes such as Hues Ranchers, Breakfast Burrito, French toast and others.

15. DaLat

DaLat is a special place for eating Spring rolls and meatball shooters. It has vegan and low carb options, with a full bar shots specialty.

16. Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill

The Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill has decent food with high quality and taste. It is known for its casual elegance dining style. The meals prepared are for breakfast, Dinner, After-hours, and Brunch. It has nice potato cakes, sea bass, and wedge salad. The Cuisine is American, Gluten Free Options, and Bar.

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