18 of the Best Lace Necklaces

18 of the Best Lace Necklaces

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Lace used to bring to mind pictures of curtains, tablecloths, and wedding dresses. Victorian gloves and doll’s clothing, but never necklaces. I mean, I’ve heard of delicate lace collars, but necklaces were new to me. Which is tragic, because I am in love with them. They can add a bit of elegance to any outfit. Just check them out below.

Some of my Favorite and Best Lace Necklaces

1. Beautiful Cobalt Blue

via White Owl

lace necklace cobalt blue


2. Bohemian

This would look gorgeous paired with a bohemian wedding dress.

via The Whirlwind

Bohemian Bib Lace Necklace


3. Olive Green Ribbon & White Lace

via The Whirlwind

Olive Green, White, Lace Jewelry Bib Necklace


4. Vintage Lace and Recycled Fabric

via The Whirlwind

White Vintage Lace Necklace


5. Inspired by Balinese Jewelry

via This Ilk

Jeannie Bali Storm lace necklace


6. Collar Necklace

via This Ilk

Haute Couture Sound of Music Lace and chain collar necklace


7. Floral Lace with a Tiny Pearl

via Little White Dresser

Tiny pearl -White floral Lace necklace


8. Lace Flower

via Tugce

Flower Lace Necklace

9. Tea Rose – Felt & Lace

via Ordinary Mommy Design

Embroidered Lace Necklace Lemon Ginger Felt and Lace Tea Rose

10. Black Choker

via Karenina Designs

lace necklace, black choker

11. Nautical

via White Bear

Lace Necklace Hand Dyed - Mint Green and Teal

12. Lace Medallion with Petite Locket

via White Owl

lace necklace - DARCY

13. Bridesmaid Gifts

via That Old Blue House

Lace Jewelry Necklace Gift Set for Wedding Vintage

14. Black Floral Design

via Stitch From The Heart

Magnolia black lace necklace

15. Lace with a Skeleton Key

via Salvage Gypsy

Altered Victorian Industrial Couture- skeleton keys lace necklace Avant-Garde WEARABLE ArT

16. Ivory Lace with Rhinestone and Pearl

via Sukran

Ivory Pearl Lace Necklace - Bridal Rhinestone

17. Vintage Black Lace

via Oh, Nostalgia!

Black Lace Necklace

18. French Lace and Sterling Silver

via Renata & Jonathan

Antique French Lace Handmade Glass Pendant with Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain- Winter is Coming

What do you think? Are you going to give lace necklaces a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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