19 Beautiful Papercut Art Designs

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Papercutting might sound like a violent sport for those who aren’t familiar with real papercutting: the art of cutting designs into paper. Once you discover this incredible world of delicate paper sculptures and intricate papercut patterns, a dull piece of construction paper suddenly seems like a potential masterpiece – or, at least, a cute card.

Here are 19 ways that ‘papercutters’ have transformed normal paper into beautiful papercut artwork:

1. Calendars. Check out these gorgeous and intricate calendar that you’ll actually be dying to display. I can’t decide which one I like better.

via Robert Ryan and Curious Doodles

Rob Ryan 2013 Papercut Desk Calendar

2013 Wall Calendar: Succulent Paper Cut Poster

2. Diamonds. This is a more simple and traditional use of paper cutting, that has many different applications. These gorgeous diamond make great cards, decor, and have many other crafting applications.

via Ashley Pahl and Sarah Louise Matthews

Diamond Paper Cut Card

Papercut diamond ring wedding/engagement card

White Paper Diamonds for Doughnut Diamond Rings

3. Window Decorations. Papercutting is a great way to create fun silhouettes to hang in your windows. Just check up these fun examples below!

via Dream Papercut

Higher than Sky Handmade Original Papercut Gift: Hand-Cut Paper Art Silhouette

Soaring Love Handmade Original Papercut First Anniversary Personalized Gift: Hand-Cut Paper Art Silhouette

4. Inside a Pumpkin. Look at this super fun idea for placing a sihlouette inside a pumpkin for a cute decoration. It’s definitely a unique spin on pumpkin carving that I’m here for.

via Elsa Mora

Papercut inside Pumpkin

5. Fairy Tale Shadow Puppets. Did you ever play with shadow puppets growing up? I love them, since I was terrible at making hand shadows. Mine weren’t as pretty as these, made with just some cardstock or cardboard and a stick, but I loved them just the same. These gorgeous and intricate versions are what my little kid brain could only dream of.

via Isabella’s Art

Little Red Cap and the Big Bad Wolf / Laser cut Shadow Puppets

Hansel and Gretel and Witch / Laser cut Shadow Puppets

6. Family Trees. I love word art, so I absolutely love the idea of these family trees. Someday, I’m definitely planning to get one for myself.

via Robyn Made and Loula Belle At Home

Personalised Papercut Family Tree

Personalized Family Tree - bespoke hand cut paper cut

7. Mexican Flags and Banners. Look at how gorgeous and perfect these Mexican flags and banners would be for a wedding. I’m absolutely in love with them!

via Ay Mujer

Mexican Wedding Centerpiece Flags CLASSIC Banderas

Mexican wedding banners . DOS PALOMAS

8. Incredible Geometric Designs. I am always amazed by what people are able to create. Some of these geometric designs don’t even look like they’re made out of a simple sheet of paper at all!

via Catfriendo EnterprisesSarah Louise Matthews and Mimimi Cards

Paper-cut Scherenschnitte Geometric Galaxy in White

Geometric Papercut - Peach and Grey Navajo

Pop up geometry papercut card

9. Necklaces. I also love simple designs that connect me to nature. These simply papercut necklaces are perfect for this.

via Jenny Lee Fowler

papercut Silhouette Necklace

papercut Leaf Silhouette Necklace

10. Star Constellations. Delicate and gorgeous, these notebook covers are absolutely to die for. I’d like a dozen.

via Mimimi Cards

Deer in stars - papercut greeting card

Look up at stars - papercut greeting card

11. Butterflies, Small, and Large. Some people believe that seeing a butterfly is a sign that someone on the other side is near. Surrounding yourself with these cute butterflies could be a great way to remember the ones we’ve lost.

via Mimimi Cards and Mama Tita

Flowers Butterfly -papercut greeting card

Place Cards, Wine Glass Decoration, Butterfly, Papercut

12. Animals, Fierce and Cute. I can see these animal decals looking right at home in a baby’ room or animal themed room. The more you look at them, the more you discover. They’re absolutely incredible.

via Sarah Andreacchio and Papercutout

 Wolf Original Papercut mask painted with gouache

Little Fox, handmade papercut poster

13. Tree Ornaments. What a fun, affordable, gorgeous, and simple idea to decorate your tree.
via Sarah Louise Matthews

Papercut Mitten Decorations

14. All Kinds of Cards. I’m always on the lookout for new card ideas. These cards are both cute and simple. Two things that I love.
via Mimimi CardsAshley Pahl and Owly Shadow Puppets

Loving Bird - papercut valentine card

Ich Liebe Dich - German Greeting Card - I Love You

You Had Me At Health Insurance Valentine

15. Beautiful Wedding Certificate Display. Wedding certificates are one of those super important documents that many people aren’t sure what to do with. Should we toss it in a drawer and forget about? Or, should we display it with a beautiful frame like this papercut one?
via Woodland PapercutsJerise and Urban Collective

Tree of Life papercut ketubah

Field of Poppies Papercut Artwork Ketubah

Papercut Ketubah - Peonies

16. Hanging Lanterns and Luminaria. Hanging lanterns are perfect for many different occasions. And they’re simple to create too with a few papercutting tools.
via Hannah Nunn and Su Owen

Hanging Papercut Lanterns

 Cow Parsley Papercut Lamp

Paper-cut Lantern/Luminary - Little House

17. An Entire Story in One Incredible Illustration. There’s papercutting, and then there’s papercutting. Like wow. Can you believe all the different parts perfectly combined into this pieces. I could look at it for hours.
via Emma van Leest

st george papercut

18. Personalized Silhouettes. My family got some silhouettes like this done once at Disneyland, and I couldn’t believe the skill those paper cutters had. They went so fast and created such accurate silhouettes of my family. I was completely blown away.
via The Path Less Traveled

 Personalized Silhouette Papercut

19. A Merry Crown. The next time your child wants to play princess, try your own hand at paper cutting and see if you can throw together a crown she’ll love. It doesn’t have to be quite this perfect. She’ll love it anyway.

via Madeline Trait

Party Papercut Crown

What are you favorites uses for paper cutting? Share with us in the comments below!

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