Top 10 Reasons to Try a Vegetarian Diet

reasons to try a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diets have healthy levels of cholesterol and saturated fats Overall, vegetarian diets tend to have less total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol that diets that contain meat in them. This occurs because saturated fat is contained in meats and other animal products. Vegetarian diets are rich in nutrients are fiber While it is possible […]

Top 10 Interesting Vegetarian Food Substitute Ideas

best vegetarian food substitutes

Substitute eggs with bananas When a recipe needs an egg, you can use half of a ripe mashed banana. This approach works best with recipes where you would appreciate some banana flavor, such as pancakes and muffins. This is also a great way to get rid of bananas that are becoming too brown. Use soymilk, […]

Top 10 Ways to Replace Fossil Fuels

Ways to Replace Fossil Fuels

SOLAR POWER Solar power creates heat or electricity using the sunshine. It can also be used for passive cooling and heating of structures. There is a number of ways to use solar power, from the direct conversion of radiation to processes such as photosynthesis. Large solar farms can provide enough power to entire communities and […]

Top 10 Important Facts About Alternative Energy

Facts About Alternative Energy

There is no free lunch While some types of energy can sustain the planet for much longer than fossil fuels, there is no such thing as free lunch. Every source of energy available comes with its own set of pros and cons, which makes decisions about types of energy and the creation of policies around […]

Top 10 Foods to Avoid if You Want to Detox Your Body

foods you can't eat on detox

Cow’s milk Cow’s milk may seem healthy. Milk manufacturers spend astronomical amounts of money on advertising so that you would believe that cow’s milk is healthy. In reality, most of the milk you find in grocery stores is heavily processed. It is heated, separated and then rejoined. Margarine Many people believe that replacing butter with […]

How to Live Well and Do Well

how to live well and do well

With a fast-moving world, it’s easy to lose yourself in daily responsibilities. In most economies, people work at least twelve hours in a day. The remaining half of your time is in transit from work to home and the essential, sleep. By the end of the day, you have made that five/six figure salary but […]

Aromatherapy: Create Your Own Healing Garden to Treat Anxiety

aromatherapy is great for treating anxiety

In recent years, many alternative treatments and therapies for anxiety have emerged since anxiety is one of the most pervasive mental health issues today.  Essential oils and aromatherapy are one promising alternative treatment, and have proven to be very effective at controlling symptoms. According to a University of Maryland Medical Center report (Stephen D. Ehrlich, NMD, 2011), […]

The 30-Day Positive Affirmation Challenge That Will Change Your Life

the best 30-day positive affirmation challenge

Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, which are often repeated, until you can take control of your way of thinking. People like us who suffer from anxiety, can use these coping statements to replace anxious and fearful thoughts with realistic and rational thoughts that may make you become more confident, grateful, loving […]

A Fascinating Story about the Power of Music Therapy

Music, the frequency of sound that moves, inspires, and motivates us, has long been used to moderate and soothe moods and feelings.  When I first became a counselor, I discovered this power quite by accident.  I was working in a classroom for developmentally delayed students, from ages 3 to 9. Some had physical disabilities, as […]