Tips for Running a Home Business

Tips for Running a Home Business

Having a home business can be very rewarding. Especially for parents who want the option to be able to stay at home with their kids while making an income. However, it’s not all fun and games. Running a home business can also be very draining when done poorly. These tips should help you set up […]

Are You Too Old or Young To Be an Entrepreneur?

The short answer is, NO! The long answer is, Hell No! Check out this infographic Foxtail Marketing put together that will show you when some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs started their journeys. The ages range from very young to very old, and everything in between. What age were you when you started your […]

Are Infographics Worth the Time and Effort?

Are Infographics Worth the Time and Effort?

Infographics are effective for a number of reasons. Because they’re not essentially text-heavy, readers can easily detect the most important information. Infographics usually take the results of a survey or research and organize the statistics in a logical way. They play an important role in content marketing for businesses of all sizes. The most notable feature of […]

Analyzing Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns Effectiveness

Facebook is the most controversial platform of digital marketing. For years, marketers have been debating whether it’s an effective marketing platform. In 2014, there remains no clear consensus regarding the site’s marketing potential. A recent survey conducted by Social Media Examiner asked marketers if they agree with the statement: “My Facebook marketing is effective.” The results are […]

How to Create a Marketer’s Utility Belt

How to Create a Marketers Utility Belt

In our time, Batman has become a crowd favorite superhero. However, this billionaire orphan who fights crime at night wouldn’t have had much success without his utility belt. All those tools and gadgets allow him to appear greater than a mortal man. The same can be said about a digital marketer. We would be nothing […]

9 Tips for Coming Up with Content Creation Ideas for Your Blog

Tips for Content Creation Ideas for Your Blog

Content creation is an important part of any blog. If you don’t post content often enough, people might forget about your blog and might not check in regularly anymore. If you do post content but don’t post anything that is unique or interesting, you will also have to worry about people losing interest. Although you might […]

8-Seconds to Effective Social Media Marketing

8-Seconds to Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is complex yet simple to understand. Before you begin a social media marketing campaign it is important that you clearly understand the level of commitment that is required. It is a long-term commitment that may not show any quantifiable results for as long as a year. And even then there is no promise of […]

8 Social Media Hacks That are Sure to Up Your Marketing Game

8 Social Media Hacks That are Sure to Up Your Marketing Game

If you’re in the marketing business, you’ve probably heard the words “social media marketing” so many times that the words have lost their meaning. But the truth is, if you’re failing to implement smart marketing strategies on social media platforms, you’re way behind your competitors. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook are proven ways to not only get the message out about businesses you’re marketing, […]

7 Questions to Help You Create Your Content Marketing Strategy

7 Questions to Help Your Create your Content Marketing Strategy

If you don’t already have a content marketing strategy, get on it! Turns out, it’s pretty darn useful. If you do have one, is it an actual, useful document or just some jumbled idea you keep in a back drawer? The goal of a content marketing strategy is to stay on track; just like with everything else […]

7 Actionable Tips for Creating an Engaging Blog Post

The company blog is more than just a place to promote products. It’s the hub of the website and there are a number of ways to create blog posts that are beautiful, shareable, linkable, and engaging. 1. Create Images for Social Media There’s a lot of information competing for people’s attentions, especially in the content […]