How to Pick the Right Material for Your New Rugs

How to Pick the Right Material for Your New Rugs

Rugs are pricey. I love the way the look, but I hate they way they make my wallet feel. It’s one of those items that I feel like shouldn’t cost as much as they do. So, when I am buying a new rug, I like to make triple sure I’m making the right choice. There […]

The 5-2-1-Almost None Program Can Help Make Our Kids Healthier

The 5-2-1-Almost None Program Can Help Make our Kids Healthier

Our children live in an obesogenic world. That is the medical term for the things in our environment that make us fat and unhealthy. The causes behind the child obesity epidemic include a sedentary lifestyle plus a diet that is: High in sugar High in fat High in salt Low in fiber Here are some […]

Don’t Waste Your Willpower

We all know about willpower. It’s that grit inside that gets us to do what we should when it’s not easy. But often our willpower is not up to the task. As Mae West quips, “I generally avoid temptation, unless I can’t resist it.” No one denies that willpower is key when choosing a healthier […]

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin X?

Are you Getting Enough Vitamin X?

No, we’re not talking about the secret ingredient that created the Powerpuff Girls. Although, you might find that getting enough vitamin X makes you feel like a superhero. Vitamin X relieves depression, decreases diabetes and heart disease, increase energy, improves sleep, and keeps on slim. And, as essential as it is for good health, scientists […]

Is an Apple a Day Really Good for Your Health?

Everyone has heard the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But is it really true? Is an apple a day actually good for your health? Let’s find out. A medium sized apple has only 95 calories and is loaded with restorative phytonutrients. A recent European study found that those eating more […]

Do Small, Daily “Habit Push-Ups” to Change Bad Habits

We all know that without exercise, we get flabby. However, it is just as true that when we procrastinate, we get lazy. Every action one takes makes it a bit more likely that we will take a similar action in the future. So, when one chooses potato chips over an apple or sleeping in rather […]

Vegan Treats for Kid’s Lunchboxes

Vegan Treats for Kid’s Lunchboxes

The struggle to provide kids with healthy and nutritious lunchbox snacks is a struggle all parents and guardians know. With the ever increasing amount of junk food available in stores, it’s hard to get kids excited in the alternatives which are usually healthy and yummy at the same time. So, let’s try and find some! […]

Living Well, Doing Well: Remaining Fit and Healthy

Living Well, Doing Well: Remaining Fit and Healthy

When many people get older, they begin to realize they should have taken better care of themselves. Whether they’re having health problems, need a pair of false teeth, or are experiencing back-aches, it’s important for people to remain fit and/or healthy. Even more so, you need to start doing so at a young age. Not […]