The Best Funny Marriage Jokes We Could Find

The Best Funny Marriage Jokes We Could Find

Being married is hilarious. You can’t help but laugh at the multitude of situations you’re put into with your spouse. And if you don’t have a sense of humor, then you’re going to have a rough go of it. Luckily, most married folks I meet understand that a sense of humor is required. But just […]

The Best, Funny Jokes for Adults

Best Funny Jokes for Adults

I love adult jokes. Whenever the kids aren’t around and it’s just a few of us older folks sitting around, nothing is better than laughing our butts off at some hilarious jokes for adults. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. Hopefully you can use these at your next gathering or party. […]

12 Creative Ways to Say “I’m Sorry”

ways to say sorry

You can never say sorry too much, but you ought to change up your style every once in a while. (Especially, if you’re a very sorry person.) Here are twelve original ways to spice up your apologies: 1. Metaphoric Rain Clouds – representing your tears, of course. via 4/Four Cards 2. On a Doorway – with […]

12 Elegant and Creative Vases

most creative vases

Vases don’t exist just to hold water and flowers together. Aesthetically, they are just as important as the flowers. Ugly vases can be just as repulsive as bad makeup. Fortunately, elegant and creative vases are plentiful; just check out these twelve awesome vases, courtesy of 1. Vases suspended from the ceiling. PigeonToeCeramics 2. Tall birch […]

The Cutest Creative Canning Jar Labels

This autumn, the unofficial search for ‘the best’ canning labels has finally ended with Mud & Twig. Incredible! But unfortunately, they’re taking a break right now. So, now I’m left deciding between praying they return or trying to DIY some sort of knock-off version, all while knowing that it won’t be as cute. Sigh . […]

9 Delicious Ways to Make Biscotti

Biscotti. Even when it crumbles into your coffee cup and you have to use a spoon to fish out the pieces, it still sounds sophisticated. Its deliciousness and sophistication make it one of the ‘higher end’ biscuits/cookies. So, if you love them as much as I do, it’s worth either mastering a recipe or buying […]

17 Funny Poop Jokes

Funny Poop Jokes

Regardless of your age, poop is always funny. Whether  you’re a kid taking a crap in your diaper or an old person in the nursing home doing the same thing, you better find humor in poop. Because it’ll be with you your whole life. So, to help break you into these (and to pay tribute […]

How to Use Event Marketing to Better Your Content Strategy

How to Use Event Marketing to Better Your Content Strategy

According to the Content Marketing Institute, in-person events are the most effective content marketing strategy for B2B businesses. From generating new leads, connecting with potential customers, selling on-the-spot, and increasing brand exposure, live events are heavily beneficial to brands and their business goals. Yet there’s one element to event marketing that most marketers fail to capitalize […]

5 Pointers for Work-at-Home Parents

Work-at- home parent working with two kids

As a parent, you are likely a pretty busy person. After all, caring for kids is no easy feat. From driving to ballet class to cleaning peanut butter off the walls, there are a great many tasks expected of parents. Unfortunately, this makes running a home-based business quite difficult. Still, if starting your own small […]

4 Useful Tips to Creating a Strong Brand Identity

4 Useful Tips to Creating a Strong Brand Identity

Your business branding extends well beyond the logo, colors, and name of your company. At its core, your brand identity is how others perceive your business. When you work towards developing a strong brand identity, your audience will easily recognize anything birthed from your company. Whether it’s a new product, your social media messages, blog posts, […]