3 Non-Alcoholic Wine Tips for ‘Bob’

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‘BOB’ is a Dutch acronym for ‘Conscious Non-Drunk Driver’ [Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder]. It’s a common word on Dutch road signs and also, sometimes, in clever TV commercials (see commercials #1#2 and #3).

In honor of these commercials, here are three tips for finding & serving non-alcoholic wines at parties, so that ‘Bob’ can look classier than a cup of water. (And the pregnant women, too.) (And the recovering alcoholics. And the epileptics.) (etc.)

1. Quite basically, find a store that has more than one non-alcoholic wine option. Otherwise, you might be forced to choose a disgusting wine that everyone will dump for water anyway. Once you’ve found variety, check non-alcoholic wine reviews like this one for help with making a good choice.

2. Make the wine available without request, e.g. with a discrete note on the drink table. It will avoid embarrassment and, in certain circumstances, bypass awkward conversations about the person’s personal history.

3. Be cool about it. For the sake of Bob.

What are you tips for making your non-drinking guests not feel left out? Share with us in the comments below!