3 Things You Can Learn from Olympic Champions

3 Things You Can Learn from Olympic Champions

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Every time I watch the olmpics, I am just fascinated by it all! These talented athletes are shining and showing the world what they are made of on their day of competition. But, let’s not forget what got them there:

The path to the medal podium starts with an every day commitment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the glory and excitement of the athletes and the crowd, and forget how much impact everyday decisions had on the path to this event. Commitment to practice, eating the right foods, building muscle, honing skills, and arranging a calendar around a training schedule is what takes to get to the top.

Most importantly, waking up in the morning and making the decision to follow through on that commitment. That’s what makes these athletes who they are, and why we remember them from the cover of a sports magazine or the front of a cereal box.

The story behind the headlines.

What does it take to be a superstar?  I love listening to the athletes’ stories. The heart break, the injuries, the comeback against all odds, family situations, financial strain, and the grateful nod they give to coaches and mentors. I’ve noticed three common elements of most of these amazing champions  we can apply to any situation.

  1. Work at it everyday. Make a decision once a day. File the mail, make the phone calls, get through the email inbox. Then, tomorrow, wake up and make that same decision again. Little by little, day by day, things change.
  2. Have a great attitude. You don’t have to be delusional, but try looking at the brighter side. Fall down? Get back up. Keep a good attitude and I believe you’ll be happier all the way around. There’s that saying, “…whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”
  3. Get help to improve. Confession: I hate bookkeeping. So, I have someone to help me with it. She’s better than I am, and I’m happy to have her around. If there is something you need to work on, get help. None of us can do it all.

What’s your story? What elements will you commit to to become a champion? Share with us in the comments below!

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