3 Ways to Integrate Quizzes into Your Content Marketing

3 Ways to Integrate Quizzes into Your Content Marketing

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Content marketing doesn’t have to be all business all the time. For instance, there may be an opportunity to incorporate quizzes into your content marketing and still keep customers engaged.

Quiz to Learn

One way is to create a quiz which reveals how your business can help people. Perhaps the quiz reveals people’s personality traits and then highlights the different products your business offers that can help them accomplish something, or that might appeal to their personality. You can notify your quiz takers that a copy of their quiz will be sent to you as well so you can determine how you can best help them. Then use that as a basis to be helpful and build a relationship with them.  

Quiz to Make It Fun

Another way to incorporate quizzes is to make them fun and seasonally relevant. If you have employees it is also an interesting way to introduce them to your audience. That can work either personally, by introducing people as individuals, or having a large number of employees take the quiz and break down their answers into percentages.

Quiz For Contest Entry

Finally, a third way to incorporate quizzes into your content marketing is to use them as a method for contest or sweepstakes entry. Not only will you acquire contact information for potential customers, you will also learn about their personalities, by how they respond to the quiz questions. This gives you valuable insight into how to market to them and even what types of products that may appeal to them.

While content marketing should stay relevant to your business, it should still be interesting, and quizzes are just one way to include something fun in your content.

Have you found success by incorporating quizzes into your content marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

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