4 Lead Generation Tools You Should Be Using Since Yesterday

4 Lead Generation Tools You Should Be Using Since Yesterday

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Whether you’re looking for new ways to generate leads, or you’re hoping to nurture and keep your existing customers engaged, there are numerous tools that you can use to cover the various stages of development in your lead funnel. Many useful tools automate processes you may not have time to spend doing on your own, and even provide user analytics to track conversion rate, and demonstrate ROI.

Here are four awesome lead generation tools you should be using since yesterday.


This incredibly powerful lead generation tool allows you to develop custom messaging to market your products and/or services to your lead funnel along various stages of development. Depending on what market demographic you’re looking to target, Drip creates custom email sequencing based on existing content from blogs, eBooks, etc.

This tool also has the capability of email marketing to potential customers, trial users, and existing customers to help engage and nurture in multiple ways. This is definitely one tool you want to have in your belt.


This tool is designed to help you use your companies’ product videos for conversion optimization, which can be quite tricky at times. Turnstile allows you to capture email addresses from users and visitors who are interested in viewing your company videos, recorded webinars, and more.

The functionality of this tool is excellent, considering that it allows you to attempt collecting email addresses at any point during the visual presentation. In essence, you can determine where best you would collect email addresses or other user information, whether it be before, after, or a specific moment during the video.


Followerwonk is a product powered by Moz, inbound marketing and data analytics organization. This product has the power to turn social sharing into leads. By allowing you to dive deep into Twitter analytics—clearly identifying who your followers are, where they’re located, and when they tweet—Followerwonk ensures that you are distributing your company content to followers with a lot of influence. Once you know who your “influencers” are, as Followerwonk refers to them, it’s simply a matter of producing and distributing content that they will share and discuss with other new prospective followers and customers.


Some company’s still are overlooking Google+, despite the fact that the social media platform has over 340 million active users. One of the unique features of Google+ that can and should be considered as a lead generation tool are Google+ Communities.

These are great places to share and discuss any number of products, services, etc. You should look to join Communities that are relevant to your industry, and that frequently discuss the types of products and services that you offer.

If a relevant Community doesn’t exist, create your own! (Even if there are relevant Communities, create your own anyway). Spend a little time each day in each Community you belong to and browse the comments and posts that are shared. Consider contributing to conversation to establish your company’s brand, too.

Seeing who is posting regularly, and engaging others in these forums can be viewed as a great tool for picking up prospective clients, as well as developing effective partnerships.

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