4 Types of Content to Post with Digital Marketing

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For a successful digital marketing campaign, you should be posting to social media frequently. How often you post depends on your business, its size, and how much you want to grow. For growing businesses, the more you post, the better. Here are four types of content you can post when practicing digital marketing:


Blogs are the workhorse of many digital marketing campaigns. You might not want to save your best content for blogs, but they’re great filler to post on social media. It’s your chance to talk about your business and demonstrate why consumers need whatever it is you’re offering. Save the primary research for white papers, but make sure you post a couple of blogs per week.

Curated content

There are times when you want to post to social media but don’t even have enough time to write a blog. For these situations, consider linking to an insightful article related to your industry on social media. Post links to pieces that are in-depth and offer an interesting opinion on a given topic.


You should first post announcements on your website, but you can also promote them on social media. If you add a link to the announcement that’s on your website, you can attract your social media followers to visit your website. It’s a win-win.

Relevant news

If you find a news article that’s related to your industry, post it on social media and offer your opinion. Explain why the article is important and what effect it will have on your business. Stay away from controversial issues and stick to what you know best.

A successful digital marketing strategy includes several different types of content. Think of it like balancing out your diet; you don’t want to have too much of something or ignore it completely. Instead, you want to take little bits of everything to stay balanced.

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