8 Reasons to Start “Meatless Mondays”

8 Reasons to Start “Meatless Mondays”

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Have you heard of “Meatless Mondays?” It’s a trend where people who don’t want to be fully vegan or vegetarian, but do want to try and cut back on some of their meat an animal products, take Monday off from eating meat.

Just one day a week? Sounds pretty easy right?

It may not sound like a lot, but if everyone took one day off from eating meat it would have a huge, positive impact on our world.

If you’re not sold yet, here are some more facts about meat that might have you considering taking one day off a week.

Important Facts About Meat You Should Know

  1. The obesogenic properties of meat are key factors making us as a nation fat
  2. The atherogenic properties of meat are major risk factors for heart attacks, stroke, and impotence
  3. The carcinogenic properties of meat are major risk factors in colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, and multiple myeloma
  4. The antibiotics fed to animals cause widespread antibiotic resistance
  5. The hormones given to animals are ingested with the meat and milk, causing an increased risk in breast cancer and early sexual maturity in girls
  6. Well over 90% of the 10 billion animals slaughtered annually in the U.S. lived under horrific factory farm conditions
  7. Animal agriculture is the largest contributor to water pollution
  8. Animal agriculture produces a staggering 300 tons of untreated animal manure in the U.S. per year, a huge environmental and health issue

So there you have it, 8 facts that may make you want to consider trying out a “Meatless Monday” this week.

Have you heard of Meatless Monday? Share with us in the comments below!

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