A Brief Intro to Location Based Marketing

A Brief Intro to Location Based Marketing

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Content marketing has evolved to a point where the immediacy of the situation can make all the difference in capturing a fellow business customer or losing them to the competition. Not that regular B2B marketing techniques can’t still capture many customers, especially through the traditional methods of direct mail and social media interaction. Things are starting to change, though, toward capturing customers in the moment. While some of that can happen immediately by sending email alerts to subscribers about a sale you’re having the same day, location-based marketing seems to be gaining ground.

Cisco did a recent report on the growth of location-based content marketing recently. They noted how it’s already a $4.5 billion industry, with expected growth to more than double within the next few years. How does it work, though, in capturing other businesses that might be near your store?

It works by capturing those customers on mobile devices who might be in your local area. In part, it happens using social media by targeting other businesses in the same city where your business happens to be. You can send them a text to indicate you have an event underway and that they’re within driving or walking distance from your location.

Keep in mind this can work even easier by tracking your current email subscriber list and sending texts to those businesses you know are near you. Capturing new customers, though, is becoming more desired, especially to use as part of a business’s analytics to improve user experiences.

But what do you send to a fellow B2B business in order to attract their attention? Do you just send a text, or is there an emerging popular method?

The Emerging Popularity of Mobile Coupons

Cisco, in their report on location-based marketing, noted that mobile coupons are becoming the top source for location-based content marketing. They say almost half of mobile users now want mobile coupons and will use them if sent immediately in the local area.

That’s something to think about in a time when paper coupons are still popular. Consider how fast things can go if you send your targeted customers a digital coupon they can redeem on the spot when stepping through your door. It not only saves paper, but also time in printing up advance coupons sent in the mail.

With Cisco noting companies will be spending a considerable amount on location-based content marketing within the next three years, it’s something to seriously consider for your B2B business.

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