Book Review of “A Court of Silver Flames” by Sarah J. Mass

Book Review of “A Court of Silver Flames” by Sarah J. Mass

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This review is a part of a series of book reviews where, instead of providing a star rating review for each book, I provide the top three things I like about each book, and the top three things I dislike about each book. This means that even if I absolutely adore a book, I’m still going to find three dislikes to list and even when I despise a book, I’ll still find the three things that I enjoyed. Then you get to decide if the book sounds right for you.

Because of the nature of this review, there will occasionally be some spoilers, though I do my best to minimize them as to not completely ruin the story for those who haven’t read it. Although, if you’re like me, I personally adore spoilers and they usually just convince me to read the book more. But, in the name of due diligence, read at your own risk. 

**Some spoilers included.**

I wasn’t all that excited to read this book as I never liked Nesta, but I wanted to give it a chance to see if Sarah could prove me wrong with an amazing character arc and growth. Here are my thoughts:

Top 3 Likes:

1. The house. Where can I get a slightly sassy house that likes to recommend me books and bring me food? (Although, basically every other character in this book was definitely crossing the line when they locked Nesta up in the fun house in the first place. Cut off her funding, sure. Being jerks and imprisoning her? Too far.)
2. The female empowerment plot line. I loved the concept of them working together to accomplish what no female, and very few men, had ever accomplished before. However, I hate how it was buried beneath so much other stuff—namely the cheap love story and even the Dread Trove items. I think I would’ve like it more if it had focused more on the relationship between the females and their journey up the mountain only, and then saved some of the other stuff for future books. For example, I think the love story and even the Dread Trove items would’ve read better after the healing happened.
3. Friends and females working together to heal. Although, I am disappointed that her sisters weren’t a bigger part of that. Or really ever a part of that. Seemed odd to leave family out.

Top 3 Dislikes:

1. The writing felt like it was trying too hard to be adult. I’m not a prude. I mean, I’ve read a lot of raunchy fanfiction in my day and you can’t get much more wild than fanfiction. However, this book felt like SJM was trying too hard to be “adult” by throwing in a lot of unnecessary curse words and graphic sex scene after graphic sex scene, and it just made the whole book feel cheap.
2. SLOW. I was about 60 percent into it before I felt like anything was happening. I started skimming through many of the chapters wanting to get to some action or plot.
3. I do not buy the Nesta & Cassian relationship. Of course SJM had to pull the mates card because otherwise I’m pretty sure there’s no way these two go together at all.

Overall Thoughts:

This book was not my favorite. I feel like the story original story was really enjoyable, and everything that has come since has been heading in the wrong direction. Plus, I felt as if the author was trying too hard to show that this book was and adult book and not a YA/NA book, and it ended up taking away from the story to me. Basically, this book lacked everything that I enjoyed about Feyre’s and Rhy’s books. Also, what happened with Feyre and Rhys in this book? They were completely different characters. Yuck.

What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy this book?

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