Meet the Empowered Shoppers

Empowered Shoppers is a network of individuals working together to take back the power from companies who scam and mislead just to make sales and separate us from our hard earned money.

Now, more than ever with inflation on the rise, we believe knowledge is power and the more we know and share the better position we will be in to hedge against inflation and make the wisest purchasing decisions. We want to share the best shopping tips, money-saving tricks, time saving hacks, and general knowledge so that we can enjoy our lives to our maximum potential.

No more shopper’s regret. No more being scammed by companies. No more wasted dollars.

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Welcome to the Empower Shoppers.

How You Can Participate in the Empowered Shoppers Network

What makes the Empowered Shoppers community so amazing is the feedback from people just like you who contribute their insight and knowledge to the community. There are many different ways to participate:

1. Join the Empowered Shoppers group on Facebook. In this group, we post quizzes, links to recently published materials, amazing savings, and community-submitted questions and hacks. Join us here.

2. Join our Facebook group Dedicated to Daily Deals and Sales, Five-Star Steals and Deals.

3. We also have many traditional pages for Empowered Shoppers and Five-Star Steals and Deals. Follow them here:

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4. Follow Our Founder, The Empowered Shopper, on Facebook & Instagram

5. Find your Interest in the rest of our network. If you’re not interested in our main pages and groups, we also have over 20 other pages dedicated to specific hobbies, ninches, and interests. Some examples of these are pet-specific pages including cats, dogs, and reptiles. Parenting and lifestyle pages. Hobby pages like DIY and reading! Nostalgia and throwback pages for the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. Plus, so many more!

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