Analyzing Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns Effectiveness

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Facebook is the most controversial platform of digital marketing. For years, marketers have been debating whether it’s an effective marketing platform. In 2014, there remains no clear consensus regarding the site’s marketing potential.

recent survey conducted by Social Media Examiner asked marketers if they agree with the statement: “My Facebook marketing is effective.” The results are as follows:

  • Strongly Agree 9%
  • Agree 34%
  • Uncertain 37%
  • Disagree 16%
  • Strongly Disagree 5%

Adding both the “strongly agree” and “agree” totals, we find that only 43% of businesses think their Facebook marketing is effective. The report goes into a little more detail to say that B2C marketers were more likely to strongly agree in comparison to B2B marketers.

So what exactly does this mean? If only 43% of businesses have effective Facebook marketing campaigns, should the other 57% of businesses cancel their investments and stop their losses altogether?

Of course not. Facebook marketing can and will be effective if businesses learn how to analyze data and metrics and post the right type of content. The reason the other 57% of businesses still practice Facebook marketing is because they understand its potential and hope they can tap into it.

What separates effective and ineffective Facebook marketing is how different companies approach the platform. If they just use the site like a normal user would, they’ll just be wasting time and money. But if they learn how to increase their organic reach, when to invest in promoted posts or ads, and how to interact with followers on social media, they’ll be much more efficient.

Still, businesses should incorporate other platforms into their digital marketing strategy. Facebook can be an effective platform, but not enough so that it can be the only player in digital marketing. For complete strategies, businesses should also look to Twitter, Instagram, email, and search marketing.

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