Anduril: The Lord of the Rings Sword Self-Defense Weapon Review

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Anduril is the sword of Aragorn who is one of the most beloved characters of the Lord of the Rings franchise. This long sword is actually enchanted with magic so it would not be stained or broken. Due to its popularity, United Cutlery, a known manufacturer of collectible weapons featured in movies, has made the exact replica of this Lord of the Rings sword.

The Lord of the Rings sword was copied up to the smallest detail. Of course, this comes minus the magic enchantments and minus the very rare metal that has been used in forging the Anduril. Instead, an AUS-6 stainless steel with silver plated finish has been utilized for its blade. Then, its handle is wrapped with a leather grip and it is embellished with 24-karat gold plated fittings.

Now, obviously this replica wasn’t created for self-defense purposes. However, many people who enjoy having replica display swords around often wonder if their swords might be useful in a home invasion for self defense. So, we thought it might be fun to take a look at one.

Lord of the Rings Sword Advantages as Self-Defense Weapon

The Lord of the Rings sword has an overall measurement of 52 7/8 inches. Its blade alone has a length of 40 5/8 inches. This feature will definitely increase your reach a lot.

Then, the Lord of the Rings sword weighs 12.5 pounds. This will provide you move downward thrust when striking down with its blade. Thus, it has the tendency to cause really serious injuries or even death to your opponent in self-defense situations.

While not the sharpest sword you can get, as many replicas are sold with dull edges, it is still made of metal and if you swing it at someone it will hurt. Although it’s ability to slice may leave you wanting and it’s weight will have you tiring quickly.

Lord of the Rings Sword Disadvantages as Self-Defense Weapon

The Lord of the Rings sword’s 12.5-pound weight is very heavy as compared to the other products out there. Like many other great swords or long swords, this characteristic makes it very cumbersome to carry and use. The dull edges are also not great if you were looking for a serious sword.

Since it’s not created as a serious weapon, the grip and reliability are also not amazing.


The Lord of the Rings sword can be deadly due to its combination of string metal and sharp blade, but the problem is its weight. This makes it very inconvenient to use as a self-defense weapon. But this is surely a good addition to the collection of Lord of the Rings fans and weapon collectors. And, hey, maybe if it’s the only thing you’re able to get to in time it might be useful.

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