B2B Marketing: Focus on One-on-One Customer Relationships

B2B Marketing: Focus on One-on-One Customer Relationships

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It seems that b2b marketing still has problems sometimes in nurturing singular relationships with customers. The thought that dealing with the bigger picture is more appropriate might be understandable when the most profit needs to be made quickly. But is that really the best approach to capturing customer loyalty? Some new ideas are emerging that may help b2b businesses think a little differently on how to market online, and especially in-between the times when a sale takes place.

Why should you focus on one customer at a time rather than trying to capture as many companies as possible? Some b2b businesses might be baffled by this when targeting individuals is typically a b2c approach. Regardless, when a b2b business nurtures a singular customer relationship, it taps into understanding that client a little better in knowing exactly what they need to solve a problem.

Customer loyalty is going to be an essential aspect to the future success of a b2b business since the hope is a client will keep returning to buy more products. Unfortunately, when all focus is placed on just making a quick sale, the chances are that the client could go elsewhere. People who buy from b2b businesses aren’t going to have it lost on them whether the company they buy from really cares about solving their own business problems.

The good news is that because b2b businesses frequently have a smaller client base, doing this one-on-one marketing procedure can be made a little more manageable. In-between sales, you have time to create some friendships with the companies buying from you. When this happens, you’re setting yourself up for the future when sales might unexpectedly dip.

The Value in More Personal Relationships

When that nurturing of relationships is done on social media in a genuine way, word is going to spread about your commitment to customer service. In the b2b world, word can spread fast in the online world about which companies are the best to buy from. You may be one of the few who takes the time to nurture friendships with clients and understands what they want and what they may need in the future.

Doing this, you’re preparing for a time down the line when the economy might slow and new clients shopping with you comes to a standstill. With a loyal base of clients, they can keep you in the black during those lagging times. You’re also helping to prepare your own inventory so you know those loyal clients will be able to turn to you when they need a particular product.

How have you made business relationships more personal in a new era of how b2b businesses marketing? Let us know in the comments below.

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