17 Creative Masquerade Masks for Halloween

17 Creative Masquerade Masks for Halloween

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Thanks to the “Phantom of the Opera” and Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Red Masque of Death,” masquerade balls are just creepy enough to be appropriate for Halloween. Even if you don’t throw an out-and-out masquerade, though, a Venetian-style mask is a great costume option, with or without a matching outfit. Although, I think there’s a lot of fun things you can do with an old wedding gown.

The Best Masquerade Masks for Halloween

1. Filigree Metal Mask – Bollywood-Style

via Masque Boutique

Luxury Bollywood Pink & Gold Venetian Metal Filigree Mask

2. Black & White

via Petal & Thorn

Lace Anenome Masquerade Mask with feathers and veil

3. Felted Wool for a Bandit or Pirate

via City Crochet

Black felted wool pirate mask

4. Beads and Wire – “Cyber Goth”

via Grin, Grimace & Squeak!

Cyber goth masquerade mask

5. Woodland Mask Made with Real Moss

via Bal Masque

Woodland Queen Moss Venetian Masquerade Mask

6. Paper Mâché Mask with Ribbon Ruffles

via Artisan Maskers

Handmade Masquerade Mask in Peachy Pink with Detachable Satin Flower Clip Brooch

7.  Half-Mask with No Strings

via The Midway

Masquerade Mask Lace - No Strings

8. Exotic Leather Designs

via Tom Banwell

Leather mask in purple Swirly
Raven leather mask in black

9. Mysterious Vintage Mask

via Gothic Rose Antiques & Curiosities

Mysterious ANTIQUE MASQUERADE MASK Old Lace Silk and Rhinestones

10. Lacquered Lace and Paper

via Belfry Masks

Cabbage Moth Mask

11. Organza Fabric

via Gossamer Couture

Black Organza Asym. Mask
Fairy Wood Nymph Organza Mask

12. Peacock Feathers

via Oak Myth

Peacock Mask - Handmade Leather mask with Real Feathers

13. Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull

via Black Willow Gallery

I love sugar skulls Day of the Dead Mask sugar skull

14. Lavishly Decorated with Pearls and Glass Crystals, “Venus of the Sea”

via Beadmatrix

Venus of the Sea OoaK Mardi Gras Goddess Mask with Freshwater Pearls and Vintage Opal Glass Crystal Carnival Mask

15. Bunny or Cat – The Two Classic Animal Costumes for Women

via Primal Artistry Hawaii

Follow the White Rabbit Masquerade Mask
Black & Gold Cat Masquerade Mask

16. The Cthulhu – A Slightly Less Common Animal Costume for Women

via Eden Bachelder

Cthulhu leather mask

17. Tatted Lace, “A Crystal Moon”

via Totus Mel Tats

Tatted Lace Mask - A Crystal Moon

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