Some of the Best Easter Toys That Will Make Your Kids Hop with Joy

Best Easter Toys for All Ages

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1. Outdoor Toys

I live in an area that has all four seasons, which means by the time Easter comes around I’m dying to get outside after being lock up inside during our cold, snowy winter. Because of this, my go-to toys for Easter are always things that get us playing out of the house. I like to include at least one main outside toy that will get my kids excited about spring and summer. These are some of our favorite outdoor toys that we’ve had plus a couple I plan on getting in the future.

2. Open-Ended Play Toys

You know I’m a sucker for open-ended play toys. When I find the right open-ended toy to spark my kids imagination, they will play with it forever which makes mommy happy that they are entertained enough for her to work, but I also feel like it’s money well spent. There’s nothing worse than buying your child a toy for them to play with it for one day and then be totally done with it. Here are some of our favorite open ended toys for all ages.

3. Educational Toys

I always like to include one more educational item. By educational, I don’t mean that it has to be strictly educational with no play value, I actually mean the opposite. I enjoy toys that are educational without feeling like they’re educational. So that my kids don’t even realize they’re learning anything. I think that’s the best way to learn.

4. Books

I love supporting a love of reading for my children, so I try to gift a book at every possible chance. As younger children, I usually try to keep the new books some-what holiday themed, but as they get older I start to buy books that are about their current interests. For example, if my child is starting to show an interest in dinosaurs, then I buy them a couple books about dinosaurs. If by the next holiday they’re interested in batman, I buy them batman books next. I believe strongly that reading should be fun, so I don’t care what books my kids are reading, I only care that they are reading something.

5. Child Favorites

Everyone’s child has that one thing that will make them go crazy, whether it’s cars or Baby Shark or Frozen.

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