Deploying Marketing Strategies at Each Stage of the Sales Funnel: Part 3 Bottom of the Funnel Strategies

Deploying Marketing Strategies at Each Stage of the Sales Funnel: Part 2 Middle of Sales Funnel Strategies

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Welcome back for the final part of the Deploying Marketing Strategies at Each Stage of the Sales Funnel series. Now that you’ve mastered how you will effectively market to prospects at the top and middle of your sales funnel, now it’s time to learn what you can implement to help seal the deal and turn prospects into customers. If you haven’t read the first two parts click here to read part 1 and here to read part 2 

Marketing Strategies to Help Close the Sale

Getting prospects down to the bottom of the funnel is no easy task. This means that they have been buying in and engaging with what you have been offering up to this point and are about ready to close. The content you utilize here will want to be used by both the marketing and sales teams. Marketing can use it in their email automation and the sales team can use it to help close the deals.

Immediate Action Content

The content you use to help close the deal is going to differ from what you’ve been previously using for the other sections of the funnel. This content needs to require more immediate action from the prospect and sales team and get them interacting with each other.

Some Examples of this type of content include:

  •         Audits
  •         Free Demos
  •         Free trial offers

These pieces of content should ALWAYS have strong calls to actions (CTA’s) and have associated forms to fill out. This shows that the prospect is ready for the next steps.

Don’t Forget

I’ve mentioned this in the previous two parts of this series and there is a reason for that . . . IT’S IMPORTANT.  Continue to run remarketing campaigns even at this stage of the funnel. Take the segment of people who have downloaded a previous piece of content such as an eBook, and cater a message asking them for a demo or free trial, or even to talk to a sales representative. Again, this will help fill in any gaps in the funnel help convince prospects to make the buying decision.

Let’s Recap

The process of moving prospects through the sales funnel can be tricky, but by deploying marketing strategies for each stage of the funnel, you can more effectively nurture them through and turn them into customers.

Here’s a little recap of what content you should include in your marketing at each stage of the funnel:

  • Top: Engaging content – infographics, slideshares, blogs
  • Middle: Informative content – eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, checklists
  • Bottom: Immediate action content – Audits, free demos, free trial offers

Don’t forget, you want to be running remarketing/retargeting ads in each stage of the funnel in order to help bring people back and fill in any holes.

By putting together and deploying strategic marketing strategies at each stage of the funnel, you will more effectively nurture prospects through and help them see why they need to be a customer.

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