The 10 Best “Magic: The Gathering” Artists

Without it’s art, Magic wouldn’t be the giant of tabletop games that it is today. Without the work of Chris Rush, Rebecca Guay and more recently Nils Hamm and Seb Mckinnon, Magic would just be a generic fantasy game with dudes in armour and robes. With that in mind, here are my choices for the […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Age of Sigmar is a Good Thing

Here are top 10 reasons why the end of the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the birth of Age of Sigmar was actually a good thing for the hobby. 10. More Distinguished Factions With Age of Sigmar came the Great Division: majority of the old races and factions were broken into dozens of sub-factions […]

Top 10 Best Yugioh Duellists (Original Series)

The original Yugioh series is getting another season which is set after the events of Yugi and Pharoah’s last duel. It’d be a good homage to the original series if the 10 best duelists from that time were all ranked. The original series was based in a time when XYZ and Pendulum summoning didn’t exist, strong […]

10 Awesome Factions from Magic the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering has a rich history of groups, all with competing goals and interests. What follows is a selection of some of the coolest or most accomplished factions in that history. I’ve excluded the Gatewatch and Nine Titans from the list due to them being completely made up of Planeswalkers, and that they weave […]

10 Ways to Win Magic in Style

They say that drawing cards is the most powerful effect in a game of Magic. And they’re 100% right. I’ll always choose to draw a card because drawing cards lets you draw some of these to do the second most powerful thing, winning the game. I consider myself a Johnny, that is I like to […]

Top 5 Timeless Trading-Card Games

Top 5 Timeless Trading-Card Games

Card games have captivated mankind since the ninth century, if not earlier. They combine elements of fun, competition, and critical thinking. Most commonly, when cards are mentioned, people tend to think of the traditional 52 card deck. However, this form of cards is becoming overshadowed by alternative forms. Newer cards, and the games associated with […]