18 of the Best Lace Necklaces

18 of the Best Lace Necklaces

Lace used to bring to mind pictures of curtains, tablecloths, and wedding dresses. Victorian gloves and doll’s clothing, but never necklaces. I mean, I’ve heard of delicate lace collars, but necklaces were new to me. Which is tragic, because I am in love with them. They can add a bit of elegance to any outfit. […]

23 Funny Sexist Jokes

23 Funny Sexist Jokes

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s always fun to have a good laugh at some funny sexist jokes. As long as you have a thick skin, you should be able to see the humor in things that are humorous about your sex. But if you’re easily offended, I’d recommend you don’t keep reading […]

Finding the Perfect Ring: 16 Etsy Shops with Beautiful Rings

etsy ring with leaves

Whether you’re looking for an engagement/wedding ring, or just a special gift for someone you love, looking for the perfect ring can be an overwhelming task. For a good start, check out the beautiful work of these sixteen jewelry artists on Etsy: 1. Peaces of Indigo Artisan rings made from recycled silver and gold. 2. Laonato Lovely, affordable rings. […]

25 of the Best Funny Dog Jokes

25 of the Best Funny Dog Jokes

I’m a dog lover (no not in that sense), and I have 3 of them at home. But man are they an endless font of frustration and humor. Whether they’re chewing crap to pieces or giving the best snuggles, the dogs in our lives seem to make us always feel some sort of emotion. And […]

Eye-Catching Architecture: Hundertwasser

To call Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s architecture ‘creative’ would be an understatement. His buildings are brilliant landmarks in dull places (such as Vienna) and dull settings (such as public toilets and sludge centers). “The individual’s desire to build something should not be deterred! Everyone should be able and have to build and thus be truly responsible for the four walls in […]

7 Gorgeous Bohemian Wedding Gowns to Inspire You

best bohemian wedding dresses

Bohemian wedding dresses, with their free-spirited gypsy vibe, are great for any kind of outdoor wedding, whether it be a beach, forest, garden, or prairie. Unlike many wedding styles, a bohemian gown doesn’t go for a royal entrance with classy high-heels and a long wedding train. Instead, it gives you free movement throughout the day, […]

10 Most Beautiful Feather Photos

You can find feathers nearly any time of the year. They float everywhere, across everything, and yet they never seem to lose their novelty. I still get excited every time I spot a nice feather on the groups. My kids have also picked up on my feather joy, so now they’re always on the hunt […]

Dream-Like Pictures of Dancers on the Beach

You don’t often see ballerinas on the beach, so Lucy Snowe‘s series of seaside dancers strikes the imagination with both its beauty and oddity. The combination of sand and ballet shoes is just surreal enough to seem like a dream. Check some of them out below. I don’t know about you, but these images gave me […]

Fierljeppen: An Extreme Dutch & Frisian Sport

Fierljeppen [pronounced: ‘fee – earl – yeppen’] is literally translated as ‘far-leaping,’ a name that befits each contestant’s main goal: to leap over a canal without hitting the water. In order to accomplish this task, the ‘ljepper’ must sprint towards the canal and jump onto a pole. Then, if s/he successfully grabs onto the pole, […]

The Best, Funny Long Jokes We Could Find

While one liners are great and all, I tend to believe that the art of the long joke is a thing of beauty. If someone can keep you interested for a couple minutes instead of a few seconds, then they deserve your laughter. While a lot of funny long jokes are built on the idea […]