Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Knife Self-Defense Weapon Review

The Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Knife is a self-defense weapon that is built for heavy-duty use. It has a high-quality carbon steel blade and high load capacity and it is made with a classic scandi grind technique. Overall, this heavy-duty MG knife measures 9.5-inch x 1.2-inch x 1.2-inch. Then, it weighs around 5 ounces. The […]

Handmade Samurai Katana Self-Defense Sword Review

The Classic Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana is a self-defense sword inspired by the weapon used by ancient Japanese warriors with elite status or the Samurai. Ace Martial Arts Supply took a great deal of time in getting every detail of the Samurai katana, even going as far as having forged it using the hands which […]

How Effective is the Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife as Self-Defense Weapon?

The Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife is a decent self-defense weapon that you can use for close-quarter combat. This also comes in handy during outdoor trips. This self-defense weapon has an overall length of 8.3 inches with a total weight of 8.4 ounces. Its laminated VG10 steel blade measures 3.8 inches in length. Its handle is made of a […]

Colt Defender Pistol BB Gun Tactical Review

The Colt Defender Pistol sold on Amazon is produced by Colt, the world’s most famous firearm manufacturer. However, the one sold in the online store is just a replica of the real thing. Instead of bullets, it uses BB rounds. Replica guns are a great option for self-defense because they typically look real enough that most […]

Cold Steel Gladius Machete Self-Defense Weapon Review

The Cold Steel Gladius Machete is a close-quarter self-defense weapon. Its design is inspired by the primary sword used by Ancient Roman foot soldiers which was also known in the early times as the “Spanish Sword.” This sword has a blade length of 19 inches while its handle measures 7 7/8 inches. Overall this self-defense weapon […]

Best SALT Self-Defense Gun (Non-Lethal)

With so many choices for self-defense weapons available on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the best one. But if you’re looking for something more modern, you may want to consider the best salt self-defense guns. There are a few variations of this gun but the one thing they have in common […]

What Kind of Self-Defense Weapons is Best for You?

Which Self-Defense Weapons is Ideal For You? If you’ve been thinking about protecting yourself better, then you may be wonder what your options are in terms of self-defense as well as which type of self-defense weapons would work best for you. Self-defense weapons are only as effective as the person using them. So, it is […]

Cold Steel Two-Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade Product Review

Let’s discuss if the Cold Steel Two Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade is a good choice of self-defense weapon for you. About the Product According to the description of the Two-Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade in Amazon, the product is based on the blade wielded by samurais. The product is manufactured using heat […]

Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher Baseball Bat Product Review

If you have issues about using sharp objects or guns as self-defense, the old school baseball bat is perfect for you. You can carry it with you at home or anywhere you go without facing legal problems in areas that have strict rules on gun control or knives. So, if you are looking for a […]

Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives Product Review

The Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives are based on the popular tool used by ninjas, which is the kunai. The kunai is commonly seen in martial arts films especially in manga, anime and video games. As shown in popular media, this is commonly used in assassinations. But is it really that reliable in real life situations, particularly […]