25 of the Best Funny Dog Jokes

25 of the Best Funny Dog Jokes

I’m a dog lover (no not in that sense), and I have 3 of them at home. But man are they an endless font of frustration and humor. Whether they’re chewing crap to pieces or giving the best snuggles, the dogs in our lives seem to make us always feel some sort of emotion. And […]

Do You Own a Black Lab? Here’s How to Take Care of Him.

Do You Own a Black Lab? Here’s How to Take Care of Him.

A black lab is an energetic dog and a good choice for a pet for many people. Before deciding on getting one, it’s important to learn how take care of a black lab dog. If you think you can take care of a black lab within a few minutes, think again because this dog needs […]

The Search for a New Best Friend: How to Select a New Dog

Selecting a new dog for family

How do you find a love like the one between Charlie Brown and Snoopy? Or is that something you’ll only find in the funny papers? Your answer could be in a nearby animal shelter. Forget the puppy mills. Forget the newspaper and online ads promising the world for a little more than a nominal fee. […]

Teaching Your Dog Human Words

Dogs all speak the same language. They understand each other very well using their “bark language.” It doesn’t matter if the dog is from the United States or from France. They can converse. However if you want to teach your dog words in your language, that will require a little effort, perseverance, and training. It’s […]

The New Dog Owner Checklist

New Dog owner checklist for everything you need to know

The following are set to help you come to a decision before getting a dog: 1. The estimated annual cost of caring for a small dog is estimated to be between $1,500 and $9,500 per dog. 2. Factor in additional costs when brining a puppy or dog home. Emergency visits to the vet can be […]

Tips for Finding Purebred Dogs

Tips for selecting a pure breed dog

The world’s full of dog lovers. When it comes time to decide to get a dog there’s more to it than just finding a wagging tail. Not everybody wants to own just any old dog. Many people are interested in getting a purebred dog. There are loads and loads of mixed-breed dogs that would also […]

Buying Dog Clothing – Do They Really Need Them?

Buying Dog Clothing – Do They Really Need Them?

Chances are good that you have seen a dog wearing clothes before and wondered if it was truly useful for the dog to be all dressed up like that? In certain situations, it can be difficult to suppress your laughter as you watch an owner carry around their tiny, sweater clad pup. When it comes […]

Tips on How to Travel With a Dog

Dog ready for travel in kennel tips for how to travel with dogs

Dogs are our best friends, our furry companions, so it’s only natural to always want them by our side. However, traveling with your canine buddy may be more difficult than you bargained for. While it does ease your troubled mind because you don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety while you are you on […]

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Dating a Dog Owner

gorgeous dog owner with dog wonderful news for dating a dog owner

Dogs and dog owners have a lot more resemblance than some people think. There are some things that people should know about dating someone who has a dog. 1. Resemblance – Sometimes this can be more than just a facial thing. It usually goes much deeper. When someone finds a dog they want to take home, it […]