Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Saltwater Aquarium

If you have ever thought of setting up a saltwater aquarium but never made up your mind, here are ten good reasons to seriously consider it. They are beautiful There’s no denying the beauty of a saltwater aquarium. The variety of vividly colorful fish, corals and other saltwater critters make saltwater aquariums very aesthetically pleasing. […]

Top 10 Most Popular Myths About Horses

Horses are not smart This assumptions typically applies to animals that humans try to judge from the perspective of their own behavior, including dogs. Horses are a prey species that are very different from humans or predators like wolves. The goal of a horse is to survive in a potentially dangerous environment. Horses run towards […]

Top Hypoallergenic Pets

Top Hypoallergenic Pets

If you suffer from allergies, but would love having a pet, here is a list of ten hypoallergenic alternatives. Keep in mind that the only truly hypoallergenic pets are those with scales. Allergies are not only caused by pet dander, but also by proteins present in the animal’s saliva and urine. You could be allergic […]

Top 10 Beginner-Friendly Saltwater Fish

So, you have decided that a saltwater aquarium is the right fit for you. It’ll be a lot of work, but it can be very beautiful and rewarding too. Nowadays there is a myriad of colorful and interesting creatures available to the hobbyist, but which fish are the best suited for beginners? 1. Damselfish Damselfish […]