Which Type of Flooring is Best for Your Home Office?

Which Type of Flooring is Best for your Home Office?

An office floor is probably one of the most misunderstood restoration items in people’s home offices. These are fundamental to productivity and functionality, but then again very few pay attention to the material when having a flooring system installed. So, how do we make a home office appear more practical with flooring? What are the […]

The Cutest Creative Canning Jar Labels

This autumn, the unofficial search for ‘the best’ canning labels has finally ended with Mud & Twig. Incredible! But unfortunately, they’re taking a break right now. So, now I’m left deciding between praying they return or trying to DIY some sort of knock-off version, all while knowing that it won’t be as cute. Sigh . […]

DIY Inspiration for Growing Upside-Down Plants

how to grow upside down plants

Plant pots have evolved—they now hang upside down. Besides looking awesome, these upside-down plants save space and water, allowing even tight urban apartments to have a bit of greenery. Not only are they practical, but they’re also pretty dang cool. Your friends will be so amazed by your upside down plants and you kids will also […]

18 Unique Easter Egg Ideas

18 Unique Easter Egg Ideas

Once your excitement for dying Easter eggs wears off and you’re faced with a dozen hard-boiled eggs, a problem can arise: “How am I going to decorate these eggs, actually?” To help you answer that question, here are 18 excellent ideas for dying and decorating Easter eggs. P.s. Check out this awesome article about great […]

10 Creative Cupcakes for Saint Patrick’s Day

10 Creative Cupcakes for Saint Patrick’s Day

The tricky part of making St. Patrick’s Day desserts is figuring out which flavors go with the color green. If green isn’t an option, then you have to figure out how to make something look ‘Irish’ to someone who isn’t Irish. Cupcakes are a good option because they’re small and flexible; you can try a […]

8 Ideas for X-Ray Upcycling and Recycling

Old X-rays are an interesting beast. Many people don’t want to throw them away, because they are a pretty cool momentum of an accident and a key part of telling the story. However, when they’re just stuffed in a box somewhere they are often hard to find and forgotten about. I’ve always been fascinated by […]

14 Beautiful Crochet Dress Patterns: Then and Now

Browsing through vintage crochet catalogs in thrift shops can be fascinating and funny, but if you find a good catalog, you might also discover some great ideas. The vintage crochet dress patterns are especially remarkable. You can find original 1950′s cocktail dresses and evening gowns, even classy crochet wedding dresses. Even if the patterns are […]

19 Ways to Use Birch Bark for Crafting

Birch bark is often used as tinder for camp fires, but if you’re stuck in the city or have too much bark on hand, there are dozens of other ways you can use it. The bark’s flexibility and beautiful pattern make it perfect for decorating objects, especially for weddings or parties with a rustic theme. […]

15 Most Creative Ideas for Using Test Tubes

diy ideas for test tubes

At first, it might be difficult to think of using test tubes for anything but chemistry experiments. Their size and shape are perfect, though, for holding spices, party favors, or even tiny plants. They have a ‘mad scientist’ vibe, too, which can make you feel intelligent regardless of what you’re actually doing with them. The […]

20 Inspiring Book Sculptures

20 Inspiring Book Sculptures

In 2010, several anonymous book sculptures began to appear around Edinburgh. They were left as gifts in libraries, museums, and cultural institutions, attached to brief notes that said some variety of “thank you.” The artist is still anonymous, but the artwork continues to amaze and inspire. Book sculpting isn’t just a Scottish phenomenon. Check out some amazing […]