Central Park Carriage Ride

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, what better way to express your love to your loved ones than by taking them on a memorable central park carriage ride through one of New York City’s grandest parks?

The beautiful Central Park carriages can be found all year long, lined up along Central Park South, between 5th and 6 avenues. Just think how your honey will feel once they see those charming, gorgeous horse-drawn carriages waiting to whisk you away for a memorable ride of a lifetime.

Central Park Carriage Ride
Photo by Shinya Suzuki

How Much is a Central Park Carriage Ride?

A pre-arranged, 45-minute Central park carriage ride is cited at $165 per carriage during off-season months, according to centralpark.com. This service, which admittedly provides a comparable experience to the regular walk-up rides, includes additional landmarks and a booking fee.

You’ll probably have to pay a little more on Valentine’s Day, but it’s well worth it considering the everlasting impression it will leave on the both of you. Special extras such as ride duration (which range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half), photography, flowers, chocolates, and special pick-up and drop-off spots will increase this rate.

A standard walk-up 45-minute Central Park carriage ride will cost approximately $110, if you’re lucky enough to book it. However, you’re taking your chances, as availability isn’t guaranteed, nor is special, pre-arrange add-ons with a walk-up ride.

So, it’s an extremely prudent idea to book a special Central Park carriage ride in advance any time of year, especially on Valentine’s Day. If you’re ready to pop the question, would you want to leave that to chance? I think not. And if you already did, check out our piece on Central Park Boathouse weddings.

But rides aren’t just limited to wedding proposals. You can book custom rides for any type of special occasion: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other extraordinary celebrations.

Please note that there are carriage capacity limits: four adults per carriage, or three adults plus two children under the age of 12, or one adult and four kids under the age of 12.

Monday-Friday rides start at 10 a.m., while Saturday and Sunday rides begin at 9 a.m. (horses have to sleep, too). There are no rides below 34th Street, according to New York City law.

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