Company Info Now Displaying in Google SERPs

Company Info Now Displaying in Google SERPs

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How to Use the Knowledge Graph to update Your Company’s Information

Marketing Land recently put out an article describing how to edit your information in the knowledge graph. This is great news for companies and marketers alike, because it gives “company representatives” the opportunity to edit and display the information that they feel is most important to their brand.

After looking into this further, we discovered that Google seems to be looking to expand where this and other data is being utilized within the Google SERPS. Now, this isn’t a wholly new feature as Barry Schwartz did announce the testing of this feature a little while back on Search Engine Roundtable, but it does appear that the feature is now out of testing and is live in the core algorithm for almost every SERP. Below is an example of how Google may be using this information in the future to help their users get a better understanding of how and why this information is being displayed.

Things to be Aware of:

This new use of the company profile information seems to have limitations in its current state. Here are a few things you should know:

  • This is currently only showing on desktop.
  • Only large companies seem to be showing this (Spotify, Linkedin, Indeed, Vimeo, ect).
  • Information is being pulled mainly from Wikipedia, but supplemented information is being pulled from other resources.


By adding an ability to change the Google Knowledge Graph, and now displaying that information along with Wikipedia data in the Google SERPS, we believe that Google is trying to give more user context to the results they are being displayed. If users know the industry and potential reason these listings are being shown, Google users will be able to make more informed decisions on what they click on when looking for specific search queries.

In addition to better user context, this also shows that Google values Wikipedia as a relevant source of company and brand data.

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