What Kind of Team Should You Assemble for Content Creation in Your B2B Company?

What Kind of Team Should You Assemble for Content Creation in Your B2B Company?

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Content creation is one of the most challenging aspects to digital marketing for companies, and proof is out there that companies agree it’s the most difficult of all marketing. The reason is because the demands are extremely high now in what people expect of content on company websites or other marketing venues. With hundreds of millions of people online creating content every hour of the day, trying to stand out to be original is becoming a Herculean task.

Your best way to achieve this is to realize you can’t do it on your own. Some B2B businesses CEO’s attempt to create content by themselves to save money. Unless that person is a master of creativity, most likely it’s not going to turn out perfectly. And a business customer is going to see right through an attempt to be compelling in content when it clear isn’t.

To save time and one’s sanity, it’s best to hire a creative team to create original content. With a focused team, you can have somewhat of a chain command in making sure the content is written and edited well. What kind of experts should you use in order to have content go from the idea phase to being publishable?

The Hierarchy of Creatives for High Quality Content

To start with, you need to have someone who’s a strategy leader who can come up with a basic idea and a plan. Through that content marketing plan, you can have something to refer to when things start looking confusing. You need to know where you’re going to be placing that content once it’s created and how it’s going to be seen by the largest amount of people.

Then you need to find a managing editor who can be the one who’s the guiding light on the content once it’s created. Those with journalistic integrity are always the best candidates and can find a story within anything. And story is going to be important in all your original content, including finding ways for your business customers to solve some kind of problem.

Of course, you also need creative writers at different levels. Usually, hiring senior writers to work with junior writers works well since it can create different perspectives across ages and demographics. You also want to have a creative writing team with plenty of experience when it comes to writing both short and long copy.

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