Content Marketing During the Holidays

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tablet-313002_1280Content marketing is always an important focus during the holidays when many businesses make their most money. And your own B2B business is probably doing the same thing this month, even for the week after Christmas to take advantage of those seeking more online sales. But if you’re setting up marketing content for other businesses to access on a PC, you might not be reaching as many people as you think you are.

New reports have come out recently that holiday content marketing is now starting to be accessed mostly through tablets and smartphones rather than PC’s. You’ve likely been aware of how mobile is becoming more important in catching shoppers. However, evidence is starting to show that even more people are starting to use mobile devices to access information during the holidays. You might be surprised to learn tablets have taken a leap forward in this department.

So how can this be used to your advantage in capturing other businesses for your B2B business? By looking at statistics, it can help you gear your content more toward a device leaving a little more room than a smartphone screen.

Statistics on Mobile Devices

Last year, smartphones were said to be where the largest amount of holiday content engagement was. However, tablets have now moved ahead of smartphones in where people at least read holiday content, including click-through rates. For a B2B business, this kind of information can mean reaching far more businesses that may be looking for your products on tablet devices.

It’s also a revelation on how you should format your content compared to the screens of a smartphone. Perhaps customers are starting to realize the limitations of a smartphone screen and how difficult it is to read various content. During the holidays, especially, a business customer will want to see pictures of your product on a better screen while on the go and not have to awkwardly scroll like you sometimes have to on smartphone screens.

Formatting content on your website for tablet screens is a good idea this year for the holidays and beyond for sake of better capturing your customers with more accessible pictures and descriptions.

When you have more screen room to show off how your products would best benefit another business over another, you’ll be ahead of the herd in finding the right mobile device for holiday marketing.

This doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t cater to content for smartphone devices. In those instances, you’ll need to readjust some descriptions and product pictures to make them as easy as possible to read and see.

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