Content Marketing Without the Clutter

Content Marketing Without the Clutter

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A cornerstone of your marketing strategy should be focused on content creation. The goal of your content creation should not be to flood your advertising channels with superfluous and unnecessary information. Catch the attention of your target market, keep the messaging short, and make it stick.

Cut the Clutter

It’s easy to fall into the trap that you need to post material constantly. A good rule of thumb to avoid cluttering up your advertising channels, and to keep customers interested is the following: Only post if your team feels you actually have something valuable to say, don’t make things up. For some companies this may be multiple times a week, for others it might be several times a day. Whatever your bandwidth, don’t throw information at your customers just because you can, keep the quality, and keep your customers interested.

Make it Stick

Often, the art of “making it stick,” or in other words, getting your customers to think about your content and marketing long after you have engaged them, is a difficult dilemma for any company. A key point of reference is to place yourself in the position of your target customer. If you are bored or disinterested in the content your marketing department is creating, then your potential clients will come to avoid your advertising like the plague. Meaningful messages, short wording, and factual information will help your brand stand out.

Don’t be in a Hurry

Consumers want to understand what you are offering clearly and quickly. Don’t badger them with “thought-leadership” that is actually “Used-Car-Salesmanship.” With that in mind, take your time to create your content. Deadlines are a daily occurrence. However, if you and your team don’t feel fully satisfied with marketing work you have done, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board and rethink your approach. Your customers will thank you, and so will your bottomline.

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