4 Simple Steps to Creating a Value-Optimized Campaign

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Value-Optimized Campaign

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Marketing is so much more than just “getting the word out.” Words on a web browser mean nothing if they don’t spark an idea and lead to action. The key to a great marketing campaign is to provide value to potential or current customers. When people find value in your message they are much more willing to try your offering, and share it with others as well.

Marketing campaigns can be optimized in a large array of ways. They can be optimized for search, for clicks, for conversion rates, for visits and traffic, for shares and engagements, or for cost. Ideally, all of these should be considered when planning a campaign. But the most important optimization needs to be for the target audience. First and foremost, every marketer should strive for a value-optimized campaign.

There are four general and simple steps to creating a value-optimized campaign:

1. Find a common question or problem that people need an answer or solution to.

This should be any common question or problem in your industry, regardless of whether it’s been answered somewhere else. Show that you’re the expert in your field by answering all the questions – even the simple ones. The question you’re answering should never be “what does *brand name* do?” You have a website to explain that, which people will visit when you answer one of their other more valuable questions such as, “How can I solve my problem?” Do a little research to find out what the common problems are, and tailor your content to give potential customers the information they need to solve the problem on their own.

2. Build content that provides the desired answer or solution.

Your content should be polished and well thought-out. It shouldn’t just be visually attractive, but it should provide a helpful, complete resolution to the question or problem. Don’t be afraid to tell people your secrets. It will only get them to trust you even more.

3. Provide the right content to the right people.

This doesn’t mean putting as many eyes as possible on all content. Lots of views is great, but you really need the right people to view it – the people that will pull value from it. Use specific targeting when running PPC and Social Ads to make sure your content is posted and shared everywhere your target audience spends their time. Choose SEO keywords that you think your audience would use when searching for an answer to their question.

4. Keep adding more value.

Collect contact information whenever possible. Ask for feedback. Create follow-up content. Utilize email nurture campaigns to provide additional value. Give away your secrets and your methods like candy at Halloween! Provide so much value to potential customers that when it comes to using a product or service, there is no question who they will pick. After all, you’ve already solved their other problems. Why wouldn’t you be able to solve this one, too?

The focus of every step of a strategy should be on how the customer is gaining value from your organization. Don’t create campaigns just to push something out there or merely to share your product offerings. Share and teach your methods to those who are looking for it. The more value you give, the more you’ll get back.

We would love to help you get started. If you want some help strategizing and implementing a value-optimized campaign of your own let us know in the comments below.

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