5 Creative Coffee Sack Pillows

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coffee sack pillows
Sacks of Coffee by David Joyce

Over time, adults have learned to recognize and accept pillows as a part of home decoration. These pillows aren’t necessarily natural; they’re more like social constructions, similar to political signs and white bread. This means that having an aversion to floral-print pillows is not a character flaw. It’s okay to look at other options.

Consider These Five Creative Coffee Sack Pillows


coffee sack pillows
Photo credit: aisis


coffee sack pillows
Photo credit: bannerbabe


coffee sack pillows
Photo credit: shawnee23


coffee sack pillow
Photo credit: julierais


coffee sack pillows
Photo credit: VelvetBean

6. Bonus! Happy sleeping little one.

coffee sack
Photo credit: Coffee Sack Sleeper by Matthew Ramsey

What do you think of coffee sack pillows? Like them more leave them?

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