10 Creative Ways to Say “Thank You”

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Showing gratitude, especially after a big event or argument, is easier when you make a strategy beforehand. It’s important to choose a ‘thank you’ that matches your style, whatever form that might take. Check out a few ideas below:

The Most Creative Ways to Say Thank You

1. Subtly, with Scrabble tiles. via Golden Section

thank you scrabble tiles

2. Using old road maps. via Sweet Clementine Weddings

Wedding favor tags with hand-stamped thank you message, layered vintage atlas design

3. An elephant. via Signature Expressions


just to emphasize the fact that you remembered to say thank you.

Thank You Cards, Elephants

4. Big red letters on your house. via Oh Dier

To thank everybody. Or maybe just your neighbor.

thank you wood signs made from recycled wood

5. Two signs – for a double thank you. via The Inviting Pear

Wedding Thank You Signs for Photos

6. A stamp – for multiple thank you’s. via Extase

Or, you could stamp other people’s foreheads and pretend that they are silently thanking you.

Twig Letter Thank You - Hand Carved Stamp

7. Blatant flattery. via Creativity Cards

Funny Your generosity thank you

8. Postcards. via Jack & Ella

They’re half the size, so you won’t have to struggle with writing enough sentences to fill a frighteningly-large blank space.

Thank You Postcards

9. The beach! via Beachwrite

Thank you written on beach

10. With a bit of French flair. via Humunuku Shoppe

Merci Beaucoup Thank You Cards

Do you have a creative idea for how to say thank you? Share with us in the comments below!

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