12 Creative Ways to Say “Good-Bye”

ten creative ways to say goodbye

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For many people, the word “good-bye” is uncomfortable and confusing. Depending on the situation, goodbyes are either too emotional or not emotional enough. They’re both happy and sad, last too long or too short, and basically cause a lot of awkward behavior.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a thoughtful gift or card and a good idea of what you’re going to say (and not say) before parting. For inspiration, here are twelve kinds of ‘goodbyes’ for different occasions and people.

Creative Ways to Say “Good-Bye”

1. With a bit of Whimsy

via Suz and Roo

Goodbye, she said, I'm off to join the circus Necklace

2. Old-fashioned British Phrases

via Kim Osborne and Man’s Face Stuff

Tally Ho hand printed goodbye card
farewell old chap lip balm

3. Quotes from Classic Children’s Stories, like Peter Pan or Anne of Green Gables

via The Chaos FactoryEvangelina’s Closet, and Set Apart Studios

winnie the pooh goodbye quote
Peter Pan Necklace. Never Say Goodbye Quote
 Beloved Friend Anne Of Green Gables Card

4. Or Dr. Who

via Bayleaf Buttons

dr who goodbye

5. A Bright “Good-Bye” Brooch.

In case you don’t want to say it out loud.

via Plum Palace

ciao button

6. A “Bon Voyage” Passport Cover

via Dazed Dorothy and Destination Handmade

Bon Voyage Leather Passport Cover
Bon Voyage Passport Cozy with Embroidered and Appliqued Embellishment

7. Good-Bye Themed Candy or Chocolate

via CAPOW and Chocolate Says

 goodbye new york candy heart map
Wishing You Every Good Thing Milk Chocolate Letters

8. A Journal of Last Thoughts and Wishes

via Journaling Jane

Before its too late, I want to tell you goobye journal

9. A Box of Origami Stars and Travel Quotes

via Paperwork By Me

 Bon Voyage Origami Wishing Stars

10. Puns

via Paper Polite and Rat Dog Ink

Don't Leaf Me goodbye card
owl miss you goodbye card

11. Forget-Me-Not Flowers

via Ural Nature and Copia & Fortuna

Real Forget-me-not Flowers Necklace
 Antique 1906 Forget-Me Not: A Year of Happy Days by Anna Mellan Stearns and Clara Bancroft Beatley

12. A Kiss, Of Course

via Nakisha

 Alexis and Dora - 1892 Antique Book Photogravure

What’s been your favorite way to say good-bye? Share with us in the comments below!

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