Avoid the Salt Assault by Cutting Back and Investing in Salts Loaded with Micro-Nutrients

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We vastly underestimate the health risk of a high-salt diet. It is estimated that 150,000 lives could be saved every year if Americans cut their salt intake to the recommended amount.
To put that into perspective: In just two years, as many Americans die from a high salt diet as died in combat during all of World War II.

Here are Five Facts you Should Know About Salt:

  1. Excessive salt raises blood pressure, wrecking havoc with one’s cardiovascular system and kidneys.
  2. After one high-salt meal, one’s arteries are inflexible for hours.
  3. Only 6% of our salt and sodium intake comes from the saltshaker; the vast majority comes from processed foods and restaurant meals.
  4. Salt is listed as “sodium” on food labels. If the sodium number (in milligrams) is bigger than the number of calories per serving, it is a high-salt food.
  5. The average American eats over 3600mg of sodium per day which is double the recommended amount.
At first it might seem hard to cut back on salt, but in just six weeks of eating a normal amount of salt, your taste buds become more sensitive. Foods that were bland in the past become flavorful and foods that you once craved taste too salty!

Invest in a High-Quality Salt

The other main problem with salt, is that many of us are using a low-quality salt. These low-quality salts have only one thing in them, sodium, and there’s no nutritional value to sodium.
However, there are high-quality salts out there that can be purchased for just a little bit more that come with a ton of micro-nutrients and minerals that are hard to find in other foods. These salts have some benefits to them and you’ll definitely benefit from switching to one for your everyday cooking.
So if you’d like to enjoy your food more—and perhaps tack a few more years onto your life, cut down on your salt intake. For the salt that you do use, invest in a high-quality one loaded with micro-nutrients and minerals.
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