Darkeden Relic Guide, Hints, Tips & Tricks

Darkeden Relic Guide, Hints, Tips & Tricks

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Hello everyone I’d like to start off by saying I’m glad that you are playing Dark Eden.  It has a rather steep learning curve, but once you get past it, it’s an amazing game.  You really have to love a game to make a guide for it.  Okay, so to start off, I’d like to show you the difference between relics and RELICS!

Now what you see here is an ACTUAL RELIC.  These items are very rare and the only way to obtain them is to level up and possibly farm them from Forgotten Tipou 2 A.K.A. “The red portal”. You cannot miss the red portal when you first create a character! Now, just for reference I’ll show you the exact same item but this one isn’t rare and is worthless.

These items are great for leveling up with but they are essentially worthless as it is impossible to sell them.  The item pictured above however, is worth a BILLION in-game money.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you’re probably wondering why the hell those items are worth so much right?  Right!?  It is because they are used to enchant gear with Special Options. I’ll go ahead and bullet point the different options that you can imbue your equipment with!

  • No Durability (Means you’ll never have to repair that item…ever!)
  • No level limit (Almost useless option as levels are easily obtained)
  • +5% increased damage to monsters(Great option for leveling up!)
  • +300 HP (Decent option for PVP)
  • +5 HP Steal (Another fantastic option for leveling up!)
  • +5 to all Attributes(INT,DEX,AND STR) (The best option for PVP for most classes!)
  • +5% increased experience point! (I saved the best for last!!! Every item can be imbued with +5% exp meaning you can literally double your exp if you have an entire set with that option!)

Okay, now I will show you where you must go in order to imbue your items with these Special Options. First, head to Lake Timor South East Map.

Next, you’re going to want to enter the Holy Land of Adam. For Ousters It’s Central where you enter, Slayer it’s West and for Vampires it’s East.  Okay now that you’re inside you will want to make your way to Holy Land C (Central) Map.  Once you’re there you will need to travel north to the Holy Land of Adam N Map. Pictured below.

Getting to this alter is no easy task.  Unless you have your race’s movement speed item(Syline for Ousters). But once you’re there and interact with the Mysterious Alter you will see a number of options pictured below.

As you can see there are four options, Synthesize Relic , Exchange refined boost stones, Evolution Synthesis and Legend Synthesis.  The only one we are concerned with in this guide is Synthesizing Relics. So click that and you’ll see something like this:

Now… You will need to have both the relic, and the item that you want to enhance in your inventory before clicking Synthesize Relic. Just for the sake of this guide I’m going to go ahead and synthesize a relic.

As you can see above, I tried once already and it gave me the Special Option: No Durability Decrease…but I’m currently trying for an experience boosting set! So, here goes nothing!

As you can now see, it didn’t give me the + 5% extra experience points I was hoping for, but +5% extra damage to monsters is also a really great option for leveling up! So, I’m pretty happy about that.

Well, that just about wraps everything up, I wish you the best of luck in finding relics and boosting your gear to having the best stats, whether that be for PVP or PVM!

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