Did You Know that Best Buy Has the Best Carpet Cleaners?

Did you know that best buy has the best carpet cleaners

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Best Buy may not be the first place you think of when you think of carpet cleaners. Most people do not know that, at the time this article was written, Best Buy actually sells 98 different types of carpet cleaners from 15 different brands. To put this in perspective for you, Target only has 19 different types of carpet cleaners from only 3 different brands.

When comparing prices of Best Buy and Target, the prices are identical down to the penny. Obviously, in the end, we want the best carpet cleaner for our money right? Well here are the main reasons I would shop at Best Buy instead of Target (and probably Walmart and other similar stores too.)

  • Best Buy has a larger brand selection of carpet cleaners with 15 different brands to choose from.
  • There are more types of carpet cleaners from Best Buy with 98 compare to 19 or twenty from other stores.
  • Best Buy has excellent customer service where they will listen to your needs and make sure you leave with the carpet cleaner that is best for you. Target doesn’t really have anyone that you can speak to about the different options.

Overall, I would definitely go with the carpet cleaners from Best Buy. In my experience the customer service at Best Buy is amazing and this is what really sets them apart for me.

At a Target or Walmart, I am sure you could get a great carpet cleaner, but you could also get one that doesn’t suit your needs. I am confident that at Best Buy they would make sure you got exactly what you need. They also have the selection to fit just about any need imaginable.

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