Do Snakes Really Break or Dislocate Their Jaws to Eat Their Food?

snake eating rat by not dislocate their jaws when eating

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A lot, and I mean A LOT, of people believe that snakes dislocate their jaws to eat their food. Even season snake owners still believe this myth. I did for a few years when I first started keeping snakes. And yes, spoiler alert, this is a myth.

Want to learn about another popular snake myth? Learn if it’s true that a woman’s snake laid next to her in preparation to eat her.

Snakes actually do not dislocate their jaw in order to eat their prey. What actually happens is that they have a very kinetic skull that allows them to stretch their mouth far past the capacity of someone like us whose mouths are stuck in pretty much the same place. I go could go on and give you my subpar explanation of this, but I am not a scientist. So I’d like to recommend Clint’s Reptile’s video on how snakes eat because not only is he a scientist who really knows his stuff, but he’s also very entertaining. It’s definitely worth a watch.

There you have it. You now know more about how snakes eat than 99% of people. (Fact made up and provided by yours truly.)

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