16 Unique Embroidered Hoop Art Designs

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Embroidery is an old hobby that has changed considerably in the past 200 years. Modern embroidered art and needlework is full of variation—different materials, techniques, and styles. You might be surprised by its versatility and uniqueness, and decide to create your own hoop!

Wonderful Embroidered Hoop Art Designs

1. Reindeer

via Three Red Apples

Embroidery Hoop Art - Reindeer

2. “Let’s Go”

via Three Red Apples

Embroidery Hoop Art - 'Let's go'

3. Blossom

via The Merriweather Council

Embroidery Hoop Art Blossom

4. This is my Happy Place!

via The Merriweather Council

Embroidered Hoop Art This is My Happy Place

5. City Skyline

via Moxiedoll

Hand Embroidery Hoop - City Skyline

6. Asian Aesthetic

via Moxiedoll

Hand Embroidery Hoop - Asian Aesthetic

7. Seasonal Flowers

via Tropical Garden

Hand Embroidered Flower Season Hoop Art

8. A Room with a View

via mlmxoxo

A Room with a View - Hand Embroidered Hoop Art

9. The Final Frontier

via What. No Mints?

The Final Frontier - Constellation Embroidery Hoop Art

10. Little Blue Heron

via What. No Mints?

Little Blue Heron - Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

11. The Fox

via Harp and Thistle Stichery

Fox Punch Needle Embroidery Hoop Art

12. Sea Botanicals

via Islay’s Terrace

Embroidery Sea Botanicals Hoop Art

13. Knitted Lace

via Zolayka Handmade

Embroidery Hoop Art - knitted lace

14. I ‘Heart’ You

via CatShy Crafts

Embroidery Hoop Art, I "heart" you

15. Halloween Tree – “Arvore dos Finados”

via Fric De Mentol

Halloween Tree - Arvore dos Finados - mixed media embroidery hoop art

16. Home Sweet Home

via The Phantom Moon

Home Sweet Home - Embroidery Hoop Art

Do you enjoy doing embroidery? Let me know in the comments below!

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